Frequently Asked Questions.


Can you tell me some history regarding teapots
One of the most complex of all ceramic constructions, the teapot merges aesthetics with functional details. Josiah Wedgewood himself is often credited with starting the craze in England over 300 years ago. Legend has it that he invented a green glaze for which he could find obvious use. Eventually he came up with a teapot designed in the shape of a cauliflower. An original Wedgewood Cauliflower Teapot is worth thousands of dollars today!
Where are the teapots from
Most of the teapots that we carry are the work of various European designers. The potteries where the teapots are cast vary, some are in England, some are in Germany, and still others are cast in countries around the globe.
Do people give teapots as gifts
Our teapots represent true collector's items, they are authentic works of art and make very attractive gifts. With tea drinking swiftly gaining popularity these days, a special teapot is appreciated as a thoughtful and original gift!
Can these be used as "normal" teapot
Although primarily collectibles, these teapots are FDA approved and can be used to serve tea (they actually pour far better than most teapots). However the more elaborate and whimsical designs are primarily collectibles and owners will only want to use them on special occasions.
Are the teapots collectible
Our teapots are often collected. Due to the handcrafted process, many of our designs are unique. Colors and details do vary. Making them even more collectible is the fact that production is usually very limited. Designs are regularly modified or dropped in favor of new designs. We can't stress the above enough...if you see a teapot you like...ORDER IT! Popular teapots regularly become discontinued and sold out, and we hate to disappoint our customers by telling them we can no longer acquire a teapot they like.
Where would a good place to put a teapot be
Our teapots make wonderful conversation pieces, and as such can be used in any room of your home. Many people even bring them to their workplace to decorate their office!
Why do many teapots not have strainers
From the mid-17th century, teapots were made with strainers to prevent the tea leaves from being poured with the tea into the cups. By the 1960, the tea bag had become the popular way to drink tea. As a result, spout strainers began to disappear from teapot designs by the mid-1970's.
How do they come up with those teapot designs
When you look at some of the amazing teapot designs in our collection, its only natural to wonder how the finished product came to be. Some designers are inspired by their imaginations, others by their own personal hobbies and interests. Some emphasize popular pastimes. Like other artists, the teapot designer has a vast array of sources for inspiration.
What steps are involved in creating a teapot
There are about 15 steps involved in completing each individual handcrafted teapot. Having the idea and sketching it out, craft the design piece by piece in clay and wood until a 3 dimensional model is created.
A master mold is then made of the design and component pieces, and a replica is cast. This process continues with alterations aplenty until the result is satisfactory. The finished product is then tested
How long does it take to create a teapot
The design and modeling process typically takes three to six months.
Once the chosen prototype design has passed tests, it goes into production. Due to the lengthy handcrafted process and the limited size of most potteries, there can be a scarcity of certain designs at certain times.
Can you tell me a little about the firing process
Handcrafted pots are generally "slip" cast in clay from molds. The more complicated designs can have as many as 20 component parts to them. These are then "fetted" and sponged to erase any rough edges and to ensure a smooth surface. The pot is then fired in the kiln for the first time. Two subsequent firings account for the glazing process and the gilding of various parts with the precious metals. Between these kiln firings the pots are hand painted by talented decorators. This hand process helps to ensure that each teapot is quite individual.
Can I special order customized teapots
Many designs can be customized to incorporate company names or logos for special events etc. Depending on the design, minimum orders are required. We would be happy to talk to you about your special event. Please be aware that several months should be allowed for this type of service.
I have another question. How can I contact you.
If you have any questions, you can send us an email, or if you would prefer you can contact us by using the contact information shown on our home page.






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