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Questions added 01/01/2006 (Happy New Year Everyone!)

(Picture available upon request)

555) hi my name is louise i have a pink and beige tea set with rose on it it sais at the bottom. sadler england pp 3428 letter Hand a pink x and it has gold
trimming. would you be able to give some info on it . thank you for your time
(Picture available upon request)

554) To whom ever? Sorry, that does seem rather rude,I didn't catch a name,scrolling thru all those questions I headed towards the end and found
the end with your e-mail add. to write you with a question,So here's mine,In what point of time did the makers of china ware start putting there stamp on
there dishes?Was this something that became required bye law ?Or because of popularity?And then,I have a teapot with no desernable marks anywhere,It was my husbands Great Great Grandmother's and it has a music box in the bottom so that when it's picked up it plays music,I'm not sure of the melody it
play's,I can't find any thing on it to help identify it's maker,age,or anything else,I think the design on it is odd too,it's like it doesn't quite match itself if that makes since,very strange if you ask me ,I'll send you a picture of it if you wish,or if it would help you in figuring out anything at all on it .Thankyou for your time and hopefully your help

553) I just received a set of Dinnerware (ironware) Pattern: Staffordshire Bouquet-Brown/multicolored by Johnson Brothers (JB Stb) Description: Brown/Multicolor Floral, Swirled Rim I was wondering about what year this set was made. Any info would be appreciated.

(Picture available upon request)

551) I have a lovely teapot/coffeepot with the stamp on the bottom which reads W.W. Lyman Pat. Oct. 15, 1867, I find info online about his wife, Helen Hoyt, but who was W.W. the husband? Creator, patent official? What is worth of this piece? No dents, hinge perfect.

550) Dear Sir, I have a silver teapot about 4 inches tall and about 7 inches long from tip to tip. It has a crown over the letter N on the side of it about 1/2 inch in height,and on the bottom is marked GLADWIN LTD SHEFFIELD EMBASSY HARD SOLDERED E.P.N.S. 50 MADE IN ENGLAND REGD 787705 80Z 22 The numbers are sort of off centre of each other with a diamond shape mark stamped under them Also inside the lid, is marked with the 22 and diamond mark. If you could tell me anything about it , That would be great. Thank You Very much

549) I have a minature teapot set that I acquired around 1990. Not sure of the agent. It has a musical teapot, creamer, sugar holder, 6 saucers and 6 teacups. The bottom states it was made in Japan. It has gold trim around the edges and appears to be a blue color porcelin. There are 2 peacocks and flowers on the design. Is there any information on its worth. The set is in excellent condition. I have attached a picture of the set.Thank you for any help you can give,
(Picture available upon request)

548) Hi, I hope I can find some information on a set of four measuring cups that are made of ceramic and are hand painted. They are either cow faces or pig faces. Really hard to tell. They are marked on the bottom "Thames, Made in Japan, and have a number hand painted on the bottom, 52/539. They belonged to my Mother. She just passed away at the age of 86. They were always in her kitchen as long as I can remember. I'm 45. I've looked everywhere and can't find any leads on when they were made or the company's history. Any information greatly appreciated. It's one of those little things I never asked her. Thanks

547) I have a Willow plater that says Woods Ware, Enoch1784 and Ralph 1750, (Wood & Sons, England) and has a # 1037 and a 10 on the back, can you tell me anything about it? thx

546) Hi.. I hope someone can help me.. About 15 years ago, I purchased a "Cinderella" style teapot from Ellgreave.. on the bottom is their stamp I believe it's a crest with a lion over it.. and the brothers names.. It also says Division of Wood and Son's.. it has written in gold 346B.. It also says Geniune Ironstone.. I am looking for value of this item, and have searced the net, with no luck.. I appreciate any help I can get.. Thank you...

545) I have a 41 piece set of china. I am trying to find out more about them. The back of the pieces have Kunst-Palette Regnitzlosau R+T Bavaria Made in Germany. Thank you

544) Ive looked far and wide for this certain something and I think the main problem is im not really sure what they are classified as. Ive seen teapots now and again on television that have spinning objects around the upper areas of the pot that go into action as the water boils. Be it rocket ships or airplanes or just spheres. Im looking for one of these little gems and any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you kindly.

543) I went to an estate sale this past weekend and I got a teapot. I am not sure what material it is because it is tarnished and I was not sure if I should try to clean it or not but it might be silver. On the bottom of the teapot it has written: W.W Lyman P.A.T. p October 15, 1867 Can you give me any information on this teapot or tell me where I can find information? I would really appreciate an answer.

542) Hi - I was at my sisters house last night and we found a old teapot in a shed we were cleaning out and on the bottom it said Tom The Piper's Son Patented U.S.A 44 It looks like a man holding a pig. If you can tell me anything about it please wright back.Thank You

541) I have what looks like a silver plated tea pot with an ornate handle also in silver as is the covered spout also ornate.on the bottom it has a trademark I think it is that looks like the following M (with a bird wings heading towards the back) B than below where the birds claws look to be holding onto the top of a globe it says & Co it than has a large number 4 under all of that. What company makes these? Approximately how old it is? How can I tell if it is plated silver or not?

540) I have a H.J wood pussy foot England teapot can you tell me what is it worth?

539) Searching for Info on; Tea Pot Ye Daintee Ladyee Reg No 82457 Made in England stamp [sadler]

538) I inherited from my grandmother a teapot with the subject line on the bottom and the number 5147 B? The handle and spout are in gold as us the rim. It has a little hole in the lid for steam? and has a blue flower trimmed in pink on some sections and is surrounded by gold. Gold diagonal patterns adorn most of it with x's at the center. Can you give me a circa and an approximate value? Good condition, a little worn, small cracking on it. Your answer would be very much appreciated. Want to give it to my daughter.


536) We have a teapot that has been in my husband's family for many years. We think it is pewter with silver inlays. On the bottom it says WW Lyman Pat. Oct 15, 1867. Could you give us information on this piece and a value.

535) Hi, I have a brown teapot with orange flowers on a green border across the top with gold on the lip, handle spout and under the green band, on the bottom it has a crown, Sadler in a banner, I believe the initials HP in gold lettering and the number 3641 also in gold. I really just want to know if this is of any value or should I just get rid of it???

534) I have a teapot marked on the bottom hand painted japan. There is a letter k with 7 open circles which lay above the k in a semi circle. The teapot it self has 4 trees green and brown, 3 japan people sitting in chairs on one side and 2 japan people standing, 1 with a sword on the other side. There is an animal between the people on the opposite side of the spout. The handle looks to be made of wood. The lid has green on it and a brown knob. Can you tell me how old this might be? Can you tell me what the letter k and circles stand for?
(Picture available upon request)

533) have what appears to be a tea, biscuit keeper and sugar and creamer it is silver plated and has flowers and ferns on it. On the bottome it says Meridan Company, 1800. Could you tell me something about it and if it has any value?

532) recently purchased the attached Meriden teapot and would like information as to age. I also would like to know where I can find a warming stand for it. Any information will greatly appreciated
(Picture available upon request)

531) I also have the fat lady musical teapot with the Reg. no 827653 and would like to know what song it plays? Also, what year is this teapot from - what is it's value?

530) Hi Was looking on internet trying to find info on a Japanese Dragon tea set with giesha ladies its a set of 6 cups, saucers & small plates, tea pot, sugar & creamer Any info,

529) Good evening,I have a tea pot and on the bottom of it is Lingard coronation 2nd June 1953 Queen Elizabeth. Would you be kind enough to give
me any information as to its value or otherwise.

528) Good evening, I also have a small plate and at the bottom is written Empire England 3England 35 Commeration 1910 - 1935 Silver Jubilee H.M. King George V. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

527) Hi! A few years ago, I had seen a metal whistling teapot with a train that went around the rim when the water boiled. It was in a catalog, like Lillian Vernon or Myles Kimball. I cannot find this anywhere. Do you know where I might get one? Or, as an alternative, I have seen an MKI/Kamenstein Train Teakettle, but haven't been able to find a store that sells it, other than on ebay

526) PLease can you tell me anything about the “kamenstein swan looking kettle ? I don’t seem to find any information on it .
thank you


524) I have no ansers but I do have a ??? or 2, I have 2 different items one is a butter dish form the roman silver plate co. trying to find out anything I can about it..also I condement thing that set on a table with crystal jars of the salt, pepper etc. 5 pieces all together if you have a info

523) hello, i have a set of wawel poland china set service for 5 plus a platter, teapot and creamer and sugar server it is the golden elegance set white with the gold trim around every piece and i was trying to find how much a set like this is selling for the pieces are numbered on the bottom and it is in good condition. i appreciate your help and also does china sets depreciate as the years go by or increase in value. thank you for your help

522) I have a coffee pot, tea pot, and creamer. They are all silver and dated 1892. They have the name of Shaw & Fisher then Sheffield. They also have the numbers 66 and 4 on the teapot and 66 and 5 on the coffe pot the Creamer just has the name

521) Hi , I have inherited numerous pieces from an aunt and one of the items is a set (I believe it is a teapot and set) it appears to be silver, there are four pieces to it the bottom shows "made and guarunteed by Meriden and Company with the numbers 2031 and a "T" under that with USA. What is the approximate value to this if any. Also, I have many pieces of cranberry glass- what is the best way to locate their value as I have no desire to keep these collectibles

Questions added prior to 09/17/2005

520)I have received from my grandmother a Little Lady Teapot, reg. #827653, which is in great shape, no nicks.It also has a music box attached to it.Can you give me a price with a working music box and a non working music box. Thanks

519)we 2 have japanese teaset in which our father got in korea while in the war in the 50s.we have 6 cups with pictures of giesha ladies at the bottom of the cups....the teapot milk jug and sugaer bowl all have pictures of giesha ladies at the bottom as well...........theres also 6 saucers and 6 side plates if any one has info of the value we would be very grateful

519A) In relation to the above question I found on your website, I also possess a teaset (6 cups, saucers, tea plates, teapot, sugar bowl and jug) with pictures of giesha ladies at the bottom of the cups and would be interested in the value of my set. It is made of white porcelain with beatiful silver pictures and was left to me by my grandfather. The initials H.H.P appear at the base. If anybody has any information I would also be very grateful.

518) question, along with answer below

517)i have a lingard old toby tea pot has marking on bottom some lettering yw or ww and # 812 is this of any worth it belonged to my late mother. many thanks

516)Hello, Was wondering where I might find the Kamerstein Rocket Tea kettle. I am looking for this for a gift and I believe they don't make it anymore. Would you have any ideas where I could check. I have looked on and Ebay (of course) with no luck at all. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

515) question, along with answer below


514)hi just a quick question I'm trying to find out about a tea pot I have made by Gibbons Stamford eng land it is white with a gold handle and spout gold flowers around the middle of it in graved Georgian Gibson England into the glass with a number of W 721 gold stamp Gibbons Stafford shire England i would appreciate any info on this tea pot

513)To whom it may concern I found a Clown Faced Tea Pot with matching Salt and Pepper Shakers. The only marks I can find on the Tea Pot are a Gold Colored Circle with the words DES.PAT.PEND can you help me Identify it.

512)i have a steam driven carousel teapot, no markings, or engravings of any kind was handed down from grandmother, has carnival type decorations. the four horses revolve around the pot as the steam passes through. my grandmother worked in the carnivals alot, as well as her ancestors. any info would be greatly appreciated.

511)My mother left me this teapot when she died. She called it her "gypsy teapot". It has no maker's marking on it just a number 1290 and L.D which I think is the artist because the number is painted in gold. My family are from the Warwickshire, UK area and so I think it may be Staffordshire. Can you tell me about it? Many thanks

510)I am not sure if you will be able to help me or not, but I am in search for a tea pot in the shape of a Mini Cooper. I had seen a picture of one and showed my mom and now I can't find one to buy.

509)Torporware - Can any one give me any detail on the subject I have count Dracula claret jug about 13inch tall

508)I need a handle replaced for a BODA NOVA teapot...having trouble finding something which will fit.

507)I recently purchased a very old copper teapot that has a bird figure on the pour spout. You remove the bird to actually pour the tea.can you give me info.picture on request!

506)Re: blue willow tea table teapot by Cardew #339 of 1000
Could you tell the approximate value of this teapot. This teapot is in mint condition and signed by Paul Cardew and has the original tag inside.

505)Hello, do you know if I can still order the Kamenstein Rocket Kettle or might be able to in the future? Thanks,

504)Hi, I'm after one of those Kamenstein teapots with the spinning rockets on it. Any hope? Thanks,

503)Hello, I didn't see it on your site, but I was hoping you might still have a rocket kettle in stock. If not, might you have any idea where to track down one of these hard to find kettles? Thank you for your attention.

502)Dear Sir/Madam, I have a mug with the "SADLER" trade mark on the bottom along with "Made in Staffordshire England" printed on the bottom.On the side of the mug there is a scene of a 4 horse drawn carriage with persons standing on the carriage and on the other side of the mug there is the coat of arms of the then British Guiana Police.Guyana recieved independence from Britain in 1966. I would appreciate any further information you may be able to provide on this mug. With best regards,

501)Hello, do you know where I may purchase the Kamenstein motion kettle ... "Rocket" ? Thanks

500)I have a Black teapot, about 8 inches tall with gold handle, spout and lid handle. It has a Japanese (I think?) design with gold leaves and stem and tiny white flowers. The bottom has GIBSON ENGLAND in raised letters (circa about 1910 as far as research would take me) and handpainted, in gold A676 with another A below it. I would like help to further identify it and to know its value. Thanks

499)Hello: I have a 4oz.cream pitcher which has a crown over a large N on the front. On the bottom of pitcher is Gladwin Ltd. Sheffield Embassy hard soldered E.P.N.S 50 made in England. I would appreciate if someone could tell me the age of this pitcher. Thank You.

498)HI, I have a tea kettle that i bought 10 or 15 years ago it is shaped like and apple they had pears and peach shaped ones when i bought it also. I would love to know where i could find these again. Please help.

497)Hello, I have made a guess at who made the old teapot that I have that belonged to my stepfather and his father before him because of the other two pieces of white ironstone that came along with the teapot. two cable and ring, white ironstone covered footed serving bowls..the oval bowl is marked H & C, the round serving bowl has no mark and neither does the teapot. I say no mark....there are two small incised marks on the bottom. However the oval bowl with the H & C mark is an incised with an english registration mark that dates this oval server to July 22, 1871. Do you think this teapot is also a Hope and Carter? It is white ironstone trimmed out with the color gold. It is 10 sided and footed. Measurements are: 9 1/4 inches to top of lid 7 1/8 inches to top of rim 7 1/2 inches to top of spout Just under 7 inches to top of handle. 4 inches accross footed base. Thank You

496)Hi, I have recently obtained a very ornate teapot and I'm sure what style it is or it's age, etc. On the bottom, it just says "Hand Painted" and "Kutani". I've researched everything I can find about Kutani pots but can't find any info or pics of this pot. The spout is a dragon's head and it's tail is the handle. There is a dragon's head on the lid to lift it. There is a geisha girl on the front and two samuri warriors (I think). She is between the two men. On back, there is one large samuri. Artwork is equisite and the pot is beautiful. Color is a med brown or clay color and painting is all in beautiful colors, accented with gold. Handle, spout, lid and front portion which depicts the "tail" of the dragon on the lid all have raised "bumps". As you can tell, I know NOTHING about Kutani ware but I am very interested in finding out more about this style, the age of the pot, etc. Pot is porcelin inside and in great condition. Thanking you in advance for any info you may have about this pot or style. I appreciate any information or help anyone can provide to me. Thank you.

495) Hello, thank you for having a Q&A . I have a lidded jar without the lid. The jar is painted on two (2) sides . It sayes the seasons one side february and the other side september each side has a picture and a poem. the bottom is stamped with JL IRONSTONE John Lockett & Co BURSLEM-ENGLAND also on the bottom 1LB thank you for any help and many blessings

494)i have a sadler made in england king arthur hero and legend no.2019293 please tell me its worth

493)We have: 1. a pewter tea or coffee pot with the following stamp on the bottom: "ww Lyman Patent Pending Oct. 15, 1867." 2. a quadruple-plated basket with the stamp on the bottom: "T S Company Made in England, #3555." The insignia is what appears to be a unicorn (on the right) bending into a crown ( in the center) and a worn off "something" on the left. Are you able to provide any information and price? Thank you!

492) I have a teapot and sugar bowl which i got from my late great aunt it has blue roses design and lots of gold trimmings. The bottom reads sadler, England, and has the letters sad. Can you tell me anything about these items, and there value, if any.

491)Hello...I recently purchased a "Whistling Hot Pot" at a second-hand store. If anyone could tell me what it may be valued at I would appreciate it. All I can give for info. is: it is 120 volts with the number 350W and Japan and the letter "N" in a circle all on bottom of pot. The teapot itself is white with blue birds on it. Thanks

490)Have a teapot made by ltd at ncj the ulunimum works stratford-on-avon england-on the bottom is printed tea pot s-1345,has flowers engraved on the side,could you tell me its age,and worth

489)Pattern #761682 I am looking for a teapot in the Royal Albert June pattern. NOT THE FLOWER OF THE MONTH series! I have attached a picture of a cup and TV plate. We have been collecting the pattern for several years, and have a good supply of teacups, saucers, scone plates, sugar and creamers. We would especially like a teapot, but could use other pieces, such as scone serving plates. If you should have access to these, We would be greatly appreciative. Thank you
Pictures available on request.
(Picture available upon request)

488)This a rather large teapot in lime green with bricks outlined in silver with egg Humpty Dumpty as the lid. It is marked Lingard made in England R.830.10L Garish but unique. Have no idea where my mother got it but she gave it to me. Excellent condition. Any Value other than being old? Thanks Mary

487)I recently purchased a tea pot and was wondering if you could tell me anything about it, it has flowers painted on both sides, trimmed in gold around the spout, the rim,the handle and the is in exellent shape with no dammage. on the bottom it has the words PRICE and I think the word KEAMMOTON,but I cannot make it out very good. it is made in england and has the numbers-5815 hand painted and the letter R off to the side also hand painted. I hope I have given you enough info and look forward to your reply, thank you for your time and knowledge.

486)I have a hand painted BH pitcher and plate...matching set. Old label says CASTEL.OR made in Belgium with #133 on cottage. Plate is scene with pond and two cotteges. Artist signature looks like either HR or HB

485)I have a floral teapot with Schumann Arzberg, Germany on the bottom. It also has the number 74. I looked on E-Bay for a picture that resembled this, but was unable to locate anything. Is this worth anything or just a pretty teapot?

484)I have a teapot with a young lady in a garden surrounded by beautiful flowers. She has on a purple dress and it looks like she is serving tea. There is a small house/castle behind her. I also have the creamer with the same design. The items are stamped with the Price bros name and in gold letter are the numbers 770. It also has the original sticker of "made in Italy" still on it. Can you tell me more about these items? Are they collectibles?

483)This is from a set of English Briar Rose Pitcher and Wash Bowl Set. I only have the bowl. The bowl has the lion and crown stamp on the bottom but I cannot make out the town it was fired in. It says it is the Pattern "Briar Rose" and it is all Blue and White on the inside but of course where the pitcher would sit there is just white. No cracks and in lovely condition. Please if anybody has any idea of its worth I would be most happy to know about it. I have had this bowl now for some years and I bought it from a friend that the bowl had belonged in her husband's family and how long it had been there I don't really know. It is not a reproduction though I do know that much.

482)Hello, I received a teapot from my fathers mother yesterday. I thought I would e-mail you for some information on it. The bottom is stamped with ARTHUR WOOD ENGLAND. About the stamp are hand painted in gold a P along with the figure that looks like a seahorse with a 111 after. The design on the pot is hard to describe. The lid has a rose and flower pattern on each side. The front and back have gold lines and the top handle is solid gold only on the top. The pot also has the rose and flower pattern. The handle is gold on top only with the spout being solid gold with it scalloped toward the bottom with just the color of ivory exposed. The bottom looks like to be hand painted in gold. If you need more information please advise.

481)Good Afternoon, I have inherited three teapots. One is unknown, Any information would be greatly appreciated. Two teapots have the name of Salder England. they are shown in pictures 2 and 3. Any information would be helpful. Are they valuable?
Pictures available on request.
(Picture available upon request)

480)I just purchase a Manning Bowan Teapot at a flea market. It is copper- overlayed with Black enamel- small hand painted flowers in pink, white gol and blue. There is an attached metal lid. The bottom reads- Patented - Dec. 24 1895 with some type of stam. Behind the handle the stamp reads: No. 37 Alexandra Pottery Manning Bowman Burslem England. Can you tell me what this would be valued at?

479)I am looking for info on my teapot, that has been handed down at least 3 generations. The bottom reads Sadler England with 294.4 signed Pl. A very dainty appearance with glazed blue flowers, (that I guess to be Asters) trimmed in silver. I would like to know the pattern, the year, and if accessories are around. I guess it to be considered antique, as it has age crackle.

478)hi i have a black teapot (ghent) with gold trim and flowers round bottom half made by gibson and son trying to get information for father any help appreciated

477)I just bought a tea set for my mother its marked crystal clear and says made in Poland can you give me info on where I can found more information about it the lady who sold the set said it was old country rose pattern.

476)Hi, I've acquired two teapots. Both are post 1940. Same teapot and they resemble the Brown Betty. No manufacturer name is on either. On one of the teapots, the lid says "For England and Democracy" and the bottom reads: "Escorted to the US by the Royal Navy." The other identical teapot lid reads: For US, Britain and Democracy" and the bottom reads: "Escorted to the US by the Allied Fleet." Can anyone tell me anything about these two teapots?

475)I have a teapot set (teapot,platter, sugar and creamer bowls). It is Sona Ware, The Aluminium Works Stratford-On-Avon, England; #J.261. It is made by N.C. Joseph Ltd. I read the answer to questin #336, but it is not exactly like mine. My father gave it to my mother. I was wondering about the date it was made and any other information pertaining to it. Thank you.

474)I have tea pot that said S.Johnson Burslem England Rd no. 172871 S. J. B. HOW OLD IS THIS TEA POT. And how much is it now

473)I have a black hand painted ceramic teapot. The bottom is stamped with the words Made In England and there is a hand panted lower case letter f. Can anyone tell me who the maker was?

472)hello, I have recently purchased a small, looks to be solid brass/bronze teapot which is engraved all over with small leaves, perhaps ivy? sit's on three small legs and has an inscription on the bottom that says; india 969. Does anyone have any information about it or where to find some info. thank you

471) Can you identify a supplier who could supply a new teapot for a SWAN "COMPACT TEASMADE" The handle on the existing one is broken. Any help will be appreciated

470)I'm trying to find information on a 3 piece silver set, creamer, sugar and spoon holder. On the back it is stamped Meridan Company and the date 1919. I have explored the web and can find nothing on this company or the value of this 3 piece set. Could you possibly give me a contact?

469) HI, I am needing some help to find the value of the setting, I have a 7piece setting of Staffordshire stoneware, Royal Mail, Myott, made in England, all handpainted. I have a teapot , 7 cups, saucers, 2 larger bowls, 7 dinner plates, 9 smaller plates, are you able to somewhat give me the value of the setting thanks so very much

468) I have a teapot set (teapot,platter, sugar and creamer bowls). It is Sona Ware, The Aluminium Works Stratford-On-Avon, England; #J.261. It is made by N.C. Joseph Ltd. I read the answer to questin #336, but it is not exactly like mine. My father gave it to my mother. I was wondering about the date it was made and any other information pertaining to it.

467)I have tea pot that said S.Johnson Burslem England Rd no. 172871 S. J. B. HOW OLD IS THIS TEA POT. And how much is it now

466)I have tea pot that said S.Johnson Burslem England Rd no. 172871 S. J. B. HOW OLD IS THIS TEA POT. And how much is it now

465)Hi My nam is Cheryl. I have a childs plate cup and bowl that has Peter rabbit on it it has a painted number 72 in gold on the bottom of the plate and wedgwood with the number 11 D 60 on the bottom. The cup is painted on the outside and inside and the hanlde of the cup on the bottom it has the No 527. The bowl is painted on the inside and white on the outside with the same number as the cup 527 and what looks like a crossed out zero or O and what looks like a A and something other number with I can't see very well. It was give to my husbands mother when she had him 43 years ago and then gving to me for my son who is 22 years old. Can you tell me anything about it or not? Don't waste my time if you can't but I would really like some information on it if you know anything

464)I have an old lady who lived in the shoe pink tea pot that is edged in gold. On the bottom in has indented into it ENGLAND R. (with a backward 6 above the .)825.539 and stamped on the bottom LINGARD WARE. Could any tell me more about this tea pot as I inherited it from my Grandmother and I haven't any one to ask about it's origin or date. Thank you.

463)Hi, I hope you can help me; I am trying to find the origin of a tea pot which belongs to my grandmother. The tea pot is in art deco style, it is beige with silver and orange geometric detail hand painted onto it. The tea pot itself is engraved with a pattern of large wide zigzags which run horizontally around the pot. On the bottom there are a few marks: Ø Stamped in black surrounded by a box “made in England” Ø Underneath stamped in silver “as purchased by her majesty Queen Mary” in capital letters of increasing size. Ø Next to this is hand painted “834” or “839” and “B H”. Inside the pot there are 7 small holes (for the tea to flow through the spout) 6 in a circle and one in the middle. The tea pot has been well used because the entire glaze is cracked. I would like to know how much this item is worth to replace and also where this item came from so I can see about sourcing the rest of the tea service to match. I have photos to assist with this enquiry; if you want to have a look just let me know. Thank you for your help, I look forward to hearing from you soon. With kind regards

462)Hello: I have in my possession a silver teapot creamer and sugar that belonged to my grandmother. It is etched with I beleive SP a picture of an achor and a lion and an O on the teapot and creamer and a P on the sugar. They have a registry number on the bottom 777894 or 777694. Any information on these items would be appreciated. Thank you in advance

461)I am currently trying to locate any and all information with regard to a Teapot that was made in England and it states on Top " FOR ENGLAND AND DEMOCRACY it also has a marking on the underside which has the Flag & a Lion contained within the loops of a rope it also states World War ll .....made in ENGLAND and states ESCORTED TO U. S. A by Royal Navy....the pot is hand painted and numbered... Any information would be appreciated..... Thank You

460)Greetings, my fiance and I recently acquired a beautiful teapot set at an antique shop and are curious about the company, the value of the pieces, etc. The set is pure white with a raised leaf pattern and there is a relativaly thick silver band along the edging of the china. There is a green stamped "W" on the bottom of each piece and underneath the W is a signature that looks like Wawel and underneath THAT is a stamp that reads, "Made in Poland". On the bottom of each piece is also a different silver number. Can you give us any information? We are particularly looking for a date and a name for the pattern as well as how many pieces were produced in the pattern. Thank you for any help you can give us.

459)Hello My mother has a teapot that was brought over from England in 1857 by my great, great, great grandmother. There are no markings on the base of the pot at all to help identify it. Both sides of the teapot have a seashell design and the lid is pewter with a pewter seashell on top. Both the handle and spout have designs as well but we are unable to quite determine what they are. This teapot is in excellent shape with no cracks or chips at all. We feel that this teapot would likely has been of sentimental value to my great great great grandmother since she brought it to Canada with her when she, her husband and children came over on the Gypsie Queen. She lived in Devon, England prior to coming to Canada so we wonder if the seashell design is somehow linked to this.. Any help you could give us to identify the Company that made the teapot and a the approximate age would be greatly appreciated. We would like to add this information to our family history.

458)Original paper tag in teapot --Gibson Co. Excellent condition Pink muted color with raised white flower swirls around top of pot . Resembles wedgewood. Gold trim spout- gold around top and handle Never been used--has been stored for more than 2 generations by history I need help with the date and the market price today I do appraisals of personal property and Antiques in this area of the US the teapot will be for sale . if you are interested thank you for any assistance you can give me I can give you more detail and a picture if you wish.

457)In 1979, my husband and I were given as a wedding gift, a silver 5 piece coffee tea set which includes a coffee pot, tea pot, sugar bowl and creamer with lid, and a large square serving tray. Under each piece bears a crown with the letters BSG or BSC. Each piece is very heavy. Would you know what this trademark is and how much it is worth. Thank you very much.

456)I have a brown teapot with gold wreath patterns and raised flowers in white, turquoise, and coral on it. On the bottom it says Coronia, Gibson & Sons Ltd. Burslem, England. RuNo. 697599. I have no idea when it was made. Any information at all would be greatly appreciated. I found your website with many questions about the same thing but no direct answer about this item.

455)I have a small silver spoon with an inscription stating the woman in a shoe and it also has the woman, shoe and children. On the back is the word sterling with a silver mark. Would you have any information?

454)I am looking for info on 1 two swinnertons{staffordshire} name luxor vellum vegetable serving bowls reg no 837606 wanting an estimate as to what these items might be worth 2Bandland serving jug with a women walking through a garden{In an old world garden} 3Gravy boat English Bouquet by Johnson 108079 4 pink and gold bone china tea cup and saucer {Cololough} made in england {pink with gold roses} any info would be much appreciated.

453)I have a Mary had a Little Lamb teapot that has been passed down to me from my grandmother. Can anyone please tell me the history of this item Thank you.

452)Hi can any one give me any information on a tea set i have the backstamp is WALBRZYCH and it has a No4. It has a red rose design and gold trim. Thank You

451)Hi there i have a teapot good condition it is made in england its a swan bran 6 cups the carlton it also has on it swan-cromalin writen on it. My question is how many of these teapot has been made because there is a few of these teapots that i have seen on the net. some one had e-mail me and ask what number is writen on this teapot so if u please answer my question. Im not sure if mine worth $1.00 thank u

450)Hello. I am trying to identify a gravy boat with tray. Only the tray is marked with the symbol of a “cross” followed by “WR” (the “R” is kind of strange looking). This is followed by a symbol that looks like a flower pot or something. Under this first line is inscribed “EPNS” and under that is the numbers 764. So my question is in regards to the symbology: what does the cross,WR and the flower pot symbol mean? Enclosed are some pics.
Picture available on request.
(Picture available upon request)

449)I have a tray and teapot Made By NCJLtd Geg. Sona Ware, The alumnium Works Stratford-on-Avon England stamped on the bottom. The sugar bowl and creamer sy made by N.C. Joseph Ltd Stratford-on-England staped on them. Are they worth anything?

448)Hi, I have a Lingard teapot in the shape of Humpty Dumpty with a ref # R830.104, does it have any value?

447) have recently obtained a large teapot that has red and orange strawberries on it. They are had painted w/ what appears to be 24k gold on the rim and some leaves. On the bottom is a red K stamped along w/ 2c and 40p. I have looked everywhere to find its maker but unsuccessful so far. Any help is appreciated!

446)I have a pitcher & wash bowl with a swan picture and the words Siam B+H and number 1376 A in gold on the you have any information on it. Thank you

445)When I was a child I was given a yellow with gold "Mary had a Little Lamb" teapot that belonged to my grandmother. It has Lingard England stamped on the bottom and I have always wondered about the history of it and also the value. So if anyone could help me it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

444)looking for a teapot made in the uk for many years, metal silver colored round double layers of metal with white insulator in between the metal all around the pot to kee contents wqar. usually quite nice and pricey. do you know what this is and where I might buy one?? Regards

443)Can anyone tell me what mark was used by the Gibson and Sudlow Company on their pots, etc?

442)hello ,i have in perfect condition a lingard woman in the shoe yellow teapot, i was wondering value and are there many about still as i dont or havn't seen any

441)Hello, I have a lovely teapot with the words Gibsons England and a letter J impressed on the bottom. It also has a black stamp with words Gibsons Burslem England and H36 printed on the bottom. It is ivory with a rose pattern, with s gold rim around the mouth of the teapot and two gold stripes along the side of the spout( and around the spout and top of teapot lid.) Would you be able to tell me anything about its age and worth?

440)Can anyone tell me what makers mark was used by the Gibson and Sudlow Company? They were partners between 1875 and 1884 in Burslem. Thanks Cathy

439)I have a Gibson & sons ltd teapot. Underneath it says Coronia R.N. 697599.It also has X210 on it. Can you please tell me how much it's worth. I know it's quite valuable. Thank you

438) was in poland about 10 years agao and bought a set of china the set has a stamp on it saying walbrzych the pattern has red and yellow roses on it and its all white no gold trim can you help me find where to look so i can get more?? thanks


Questions below were posted prior to 10/31/2004

436) I also have a Gibson and Sons Ltd. teapot handed down to me from my great grandmother. I also estimate that it is around 100 yrs old. It has three sets of serial numbers on the bottom. One is impressed into teapot itself, one is stamped in gold as part of the Gibson crown logo, and one is hand written, fired into the glaze. It is a brown octagonal shaped teapot, with gold fancywork accented with red, white and blue dots. Any information you can give me about it would be greatly appreciated.

436a)I have the same pot made from gibson and sons with gold lining and red white and blue dots too any information on this would be quite helpful

435) I have a set of sigma stoneware handpainted underglazed decoration SPRING TIME 172 MADE IN JAPAN 351 could you give me any info on them they have been handdded down to me .

434) question, along with answer below

433) I have been given what I think is a childs set consisting of teapot, creamer, sugar, 6 sandwich plates, 5 cups and 6 saucers. Made in Japan. I believe it is all porcelin almost a grey tinge to it then black paint line around twice and then a gold color and raised hand painted on the gold color are a flower white pedals green centre, then it looks like black branches, then the lip has a blue grey color to it and the handles has a small gold stripe, these colors are kindle dried this way. Any info would be helpful I do not see any other markings. I would love to find out any info at all possible on this. Thanks

432) Hello,I have recently come across a gravy boat with attached underplate. Ivory with gold embossed trim rose pattern. Bottom is marked in gold triangle with hourglass shape PG inside triangle. Outside triangle is initials C.C.P. word Florence printed on it. Can you date this and give information on markings.Thank you

431) Would you have any information on a teapot with the words Gibson and Sons Ltd Burslem England RoNo 353206 It has a crown crest above the Gibson and Sons Ltd and England is down in the pottery as is a Horseshoe and the number 12159 N It is black and the handle and spout have a gold trim strip ad does the lit and the teapot. The pattern is gold very fine fancy work and in the fancy work are dots of white, blue and a touch of red. I know its quite old as it was handed down to me through the family and originally belonged to a great Aunt. As close as I can figure it must have been purchased in the very late 1800's or early 1900's. I would appreciate any information you can give me on this item.

430) I had an Arthur Wood & Son Staffordshire, England 1884, about a 4 to 6 cup teapot with a white background, and blackberries on the front, and a smaller bunch on the back. I am very sad not being able to replace it.

429) I have a gold and white teapot with markings on the bottom of Georgian Gibsons England There is also a W707 with a D under the number. The re no. is 236511. It is in excellent condition with no chips or wear on it any place. Do you have any information on this tea pot. I would appreciate any information you have. Do you know what it is worth? Thanks

428) I am looking for a royal doulton teapot lid three and a half inches wide, green with a pink flowery border. Thank you in advance for your help. If you can help please send an e-mail to

427) I have an antique teapot that I need help with. It is solid yellow in color and at the bottom it says * THORENS Distributed by SILVERITE CO.Brooklyn 16 NY It also says Made in England with a greenish stamp. The lid has a green stamp that says PAT. NO. 301262 FINALLY....IT PLAYS MUSIC.

426) question, along with answer below

425) I would like to find out how much my tea set is worth. It is a Handarbeit 24 kt. gold tea set,(a couple on the side dancing ?) made in Bavaria Germany. I have all 15 pieces.

424) Hi there, I came across your web page regarding tea pots. I was given on old tea pot swan bran 8 cups the Carlton made in England. It is metal aluminium and has a flowers and patterns engraved on it with a black handle.Can you give me some information on the teapot?

423) I have a MZ Altrohlau Number 54 teapot. Any value to this teapot?

422) To whom it may concern, Recently I came in possession of a strange "tea pot". I put that inquotations because it may not be that. It is a fairly large brown betty style made out of the same material as crockery with rough edge at the top and the inside of the lid and bottome (unglazed) What is strange about it is that both the handle, which is a straight tampered affair, and the spout point in the same direction, so that you pour it toward yourself. The lid
is flat with a small open handle in the middle. It is not a very refined finish, with no attempt to eliminate imperfections. The colour is standard
dark brown crockery. When I bought it it had a wire "cage" around it, but it did not appear to be cracked around it. The bottom, however, was ready
to fall out, and it did when I pushed it from the inside. I have repaired it as well as possible, and it will make a great conversation piece if nothing else. Do you know any thing about such a pot? I was intrigued by the weird assortment of pots you offer!

421) i have a childs teaset given to me by my father when he was on his travels abroad with the merchant navy, i have had this set for 43 years it is stamped golden series and it is china,i believe,it has small painted flowers on it can you tell me how i can get more info on this thankyou.

420) can you give me any relivant infomation on ye daintee ladee teapot commissioned for queen victoria reg no ;824571 colour pearl small marking of maybe initials (mi ) or ( ml )

419) I'm looking for an Avon teapot made in Brazil. Odd shape with 2 "handles". Have you ever run across anything like that?

418) My mother left me a teapot that I believe belonged to my Grandmother and would like to find out more about it. The teapot is five inches tall and about 8 inches in length from handle to spout. It has a black glaze with intricant gold work in either Chinese or Indian design. The lower edges of the trim work looks like the tail of peacock when spread out and is dotted in different color inside the eye. Much like the eye that appears in the peacock feather itself. The dotting is unknown to me as to what texture it would be. Using blue, white and coral coloring. The colors seem to be as a matte look. Between the peacock feathering appearance is a design that I wouldn't know how to describe; it almost appears as a face but at first glance,
one might see a butterfly. The markings on the bottom of the teapot appear in this order........ 03777 (Written in blue) V (Written in blue)
LEONA" ( The rest of this marking is all in gold.) The crown is unique in the fact that the top part of the crown is not round but two squares, one on each side of what appears to be a old english cross. The sunburst markings around the crown. GIBSON & SONS, Ltd. Burslem England The initials below this is capitalized on the first and last letter with the middle letter being raised halfway up to match the first and last letter. RaN-
There is a gold "T" much like you would see done in the Chinese writings. Embossed in the background and just above the LEONA reads,GIBSONS
MADE IN ENGLAND I would assume that this teapot is the 377th made of it's kind. I would be most interested in knowing when it was made originally.

417) The teapot is dark brown with hand painted yellow flowers with a red center, with stems/leaves in a rust like color. The teapot is round (like a cylinder shape) with lid. The name Arthur Wood is stamped on the bottom with the numbers 35, 5555 in gold print. With no other stamp.
I would appreciate any information you would have or where to look.

416) I have a teapot set that seems to be antique but I know nothing about it. I have had it now for about 15 years. My sister gave it to me which was purchased by her ex husband at a auction for 100.00 and that was about 20 years ago. I can describe it and HOPEFULLY you can tell me when it was made, where and how much in today's market would it be worth. I have the Tea Set and 4-6 cups and saucers. All in great shape. Ok it is trimmed in was I assume is 14k gold, someone told me that awhile back. Each piece has a gold crown stamped on the bottom. It has a man and woman on the tea set and cups, they seem to be around the 1800 area and they look to be dancing or something, the scene behind them seems to be a garden or something. There is 14k marking also on the tea set, I am not sure how to explain what it looks like, maybe the best way is to say like snow flakes. I know nothing of this set and have been trying to find SOMETHING out for a long time. I hope you can help. Thanks--Also the color of the tea set seems to be like a pearl color or iridescent color.

415) I have a black clown teapot with a yellow hat and red band . I also have the matching measuring cups. I do not recognize the marking on the bottom. It has been in our family for approx 45 years. Would you know the value of it.


I have the same teapot with a matching sugar jar, but the sugar jar is missing the lid. My father remembers it from when he was young. He said there was also a creamer jar. On the bottom there is a sticker that says "THAMES handpainted Made in Japan". Have you found anything out about it?

414) I have recently inherited a tea set service for 4-including creamer and sugar holder and teapot-marked on bottom of each piece is Fancy
China-all pieces are trimmed in gold and have a laurel wreath marking with bow at the bottom and crown at the top-all in perfect beautiful
condition-do you have any info or know about value?

413) I have a Bareuther Waldsassen Bavaria Germany 6 - coffee pot set. With sugar and creamer and six cups and saucers. I would like to know if it is worth anything.

413B) I have a similar question as #413 ~ but my coffe/tea set is BAREUTHER, WALDSASSEN, BAVARIA, 17 GERMANY. I too am trying to find out if it’s worth anything and where’s the best place to sell. Thanks so much~

412) I have a Japanese Tea Pot with cups and saucers. It is light grey and black in color and has dragons orserpents in each piece. I was told it was Pre WorldWar II. I can email you a picture if it will help.Thank you,

411) have this odd teapot my grandmother gave to my mom in the 1960's. It's a cabbage shape with the leaves and a little blonde girl, It says Hefton's on the bottom..It is also numbered. I can't find anything on Hefton's on the Internet. Any help you could provide into tracking the make of this pot would be greatly appreciated

410) What can you tell me about Victopia Ironstone?

409) i have a tea service marked hand painted nippon with a mark in senter of back on each pcs 6 cups/saucers sm plate about 2 inches in diameter
pot about 4 inches tall creamer/covered sugar about have size of cups set is white porcilen with gilded ring / then a blue ring on each piece.. there is a flower design that looks like a dogwood bloom, but the bud looks like a rose.. these are pinkany ideas about what this is???

408) I recently found a Japanese tea set when packing my father's house. He bought it in the early 1950s in Japan while on leave from the Korean War. The name stamped on the bottom is Fujiyama. It is a beautiful set and seems to be hand painted. How can I find out the value?

407) I'm hoping that someone can help me out. I have an antique tea set. The bottom has a crown, below is the # 100 with what looks like a tree branch, below that it has the name "Jahre", then Bareuther, then Waldsassen, and below that, Bavaria. This set is white and silver with silver flowers. I bought this set and can't find any information on this pattern so I'm hoping that someone can help. Thanks So Much!

406) Hello,I really need some help. I recently bought a tea set and I'm trying to find out any info. that I can. The bottom reads: 100 JAHRE BAREUTHER WALDSASSEN. This set is very delicate. It has silver flowers on a white background. It's also trimmed with silver. Also, I'm looking for the sugar bowl that I'm missing. Thanks So Much!

405) have a cat teapot with Kitchen Helpers Exclusive Designs by Ron Gordon Designs,1986 Taiwan on the bottom. I was just trying to find out how much it might be worth. Thanks

404) I'm trying to find out what would be the worth of the 3 pieces of maddocks i just received. they are numbered pieces- 2 bowls are numbered-9440. soup terrine is not numbered.

403) Hello, I have a 6-8 piece serving teapot set with the markings of "Porzellanfabrik Arzberg Arzberg(Bayern)" The outside has delicate flowering vines with a beautiful butterfly on the inside of each dish.Can you tell me its value or how I might go about researching it thru the internet?

402) I am having no luck in identifying a vase from Belgium. It is green with gold trim and a gold handle.It has a waffle bottom with the stamp of 372
H. Beuet Quaregnon on the Neck is a label that says "Diet Main Handpainted" BH anemone made in belgium.Any ideas ? Thank you.

401) have a 13/4L Pewter (?) teapot with the mark GB insde a diamond also marked Bavaria. N
What can you tell me about it, please?

400) I have several sadler teapots with gold trim. They are numbered in gold on the bottom. What does the number mean. How can I find out a year and value. Where can I research sadler teapots. Thank you.

399) Hello I have recieved a tea pot with sugar and creamer and also a small dish that rotates I believe the tea pot sits in it the bottom of it has no date just the words home decoraters, inc. is there any information out there about this brand of tea sets.thank you

398) Hello, I have a tea pot it has the markings on the bottom of Mac Gibsons England Rd No 796147 also the number A6317 can you tell me anything about this tea pot. It is brown with dark brown swirls through it with a yellow band around it with red and green leaves raised on it. Unfortunately I am missing the lid. I can send a picture if that would help.

397) I have a teapot that has two peices. The teapot and on the bottom of the teapot is the cup.The name on the bottom says.Arthur Wood and Son Staffordshire, England EST 1884. Can you give me any information on this. I also have picture of it.

396) Have just purchased a lustreware teapot with inscription on the bottom: Georgian Gibsons England W548 50
Any info is appreciated

395) I have recently aquired a unique tea pitcher that is a young boy holding a pig and an ear of corn. the bottom is marked "tom, the pig farmer's son. patent 1944.Could you please direct help me find any info.

394) I have brought a Tall black dracula t-pot (with head and fangs in lid) marked Torporware underneath. Am looking for any information about it??
any help would be greatly appreshiated,

393) I was given a teapot by my grandmother several years ago. It is off-white in color. The top of the lid has the head of Tom with a blue scarf around his neck and a hat with a red feather in it. The right side--spout--is a pig. The left side--handle--has a goose or duck. The front of it has two small vertically placed button and two larger horizontally placed button The body of the pot of fashioned so as to look like the legs of this overalls. On the bottom of the pot it says, Tom the Pipers Son Patented USA. My grandmother never could tell me anything about it. I don't know if she just forgot or if she never knew anything about it. I would appreciate any help offered to solve this mystery.

392) i have acoffee or tea pot about 11in. high spout top[ handle made from peter body made of tin plated steel on bottom marked E.B. Mannings pat.june 5 1862 could any onegive me some history on it thank you

391) Hi there I have a coffee set Susie cooper wedgwood - green NEBULA it is a full set and I am wanting someone to evaluate for me.
Second item is blue and white wegwood teapot emossed with grapes.

390) My aunt gave me a figurine of a mother holding a lamp looking over her child in bed the bottom reads hand painted shafford japan i have it 38 years she had it for at least 15 to 20 years before , she also gave me a hummel american childrens news 363 can you please let me know how old they really are , and about how much they are worth

389) I have been given a teapot which has raise rabbits and carrots on it. On the bottom it is marked Takahashi, San Francisco, JapanAnd has a symbol which looks like a capital T with a extra line through it and the letters c o. Would like info. Re: when it was made and it’s selling value.

388) have a teapot that is white porcelain with what looks like purple pansies on the front and some kind of white flower. Also on the sides are 1 single rose, white daisies, this is also on the lid. The gold paint is around the bottom, the handle and the lid. Please can you tell me what it is worth and is there anyone who may want it.

387) I am trying to locate a sona teapot. I am still using one I received as a wedding present 25 years ago and my daughter is going off to college
and I am trying to find one for her to take with her. I am located in Chicago, Illinois. USA but I will go anywhere to find one.

386) I have a humpty dumpty teapot bought from my mothers first wages in the UK in 1949 with serial no:R830104 England Lingard
I would like to find out if this has any value.


384) I'm wondering if you could tell me the value of a Lingard Mr. Pickering teapot, creamer and sugar bowl, all in perfect condition.

383) I have a teapot that is an elephant it is made in china and is a decorative in colour. it is brown body with seam like small round circle of gold colour
gold handle and top to pot cover it also has a green and blue blanket paint on it with a orange flower on both sides of blanket, it also has orange
indented ears and orange underside of trunk and gold tusk. there are other colours of white and green throuhgt the brown body and the flower pattern is
also on the cover all this is outline by gold colour, can you help me with any imformation

382) we have a moriagy (nor sure of the spelling) tea set. The cups have a giesha picture in the bottom of the cup. If you have any info on this item please let us know

381) i have a royal dalton old ladie balloon seller tea pot. i would like to know how much it is worth and where is the best place to sell it.

380) hi my mother in law recently bought a beautiful teapot we wondered if you could help us find the vaule of it its got summer fruits on and a signature on the spout lid and the body of the teapot it self and on the base of the teapot it reads Arthur Wood & son Staffordshire england est 1884 followed by the numbers 6421

379) I am looking for info about a teacup and saucer that I own. It is light brown in color and is hand painted with 2 roosters. On the back is the"stamp" Shafford hand decorated Japan. It is very similar to the dragonware with the exception of the roosters.
Any info would be greatly appriciated.


377) I have a white platter with 2 roses on front and gold trim, on the back is written Crown Essex semi-porcelain 22kt. gold trim made in Staffordshire England. I also have a creamer and 2 desert bowls with the same roses and gold trim and the same description on the bottom. I have 2 teacups with the same roses and gold trim but they only have England engraved on the bottom. the items are in really good shape, but the gold trim on the teacup rim and handle is fading. was wondering what information you could give me on these items, including what they might be worth if anything. thanks.

376) question, along with answer below

375) I'm also looking for a new or used model of this teapot- Kamenstein Motion "Rocket" Kettle. Anybody got one?

374) I have purchased from an auction, a metal openwork serving tray with matching metalwork cup holders. Inside the 6 cup holders sit 6 china cups that are marked BUFFALO CHINA 1923. These are very thin and are white with a gold trim around the top. The serving tray and cup holders are marked MANNING Quality BOWMAN Meriden, Conn. Made in USA 164.I have looked all over the internet and cannot find any information on this set. Does anyone have any kind of history on this?

373) I have been looking for a teacup which holds the teabag on the side of cup. I have a friend that comes over from South Africa and we drink alot of tea. I would love to purchase a cup for her and myself. I will keep my eyes open also, but if you have any information on this I would deeply appreciate it.

372) I would really like to know some info on a tea sets that I have. The teapot is brass with flower and leaf designs that are red and green and a peacock on it with a brass holding tray that is full of designs and 4 brass little cups( with same design) to go with it two cups are the same size and then there are two cups smaller they look like little champaign glasses. the teapot if it is a teapot looks Oriental the bottom is short and fat the top is long and thin and it has a long and thin spot it with a handle that curves from the very top to the middle of the bottom. it has no marks of where it was made or who made it. if you could tell me what it is and who made it and how much it is worth. if you understand what I'm talking about. thank you very much. R.K.S.

371) I have a 1-gallon black-brown teapot; aside from the extra handle (a sort of ribbed "clamshell" flange, between spout and lid), it's the same shape as a typical "Brown Betty" teapot, but much larger. It does hold a full gallon; the bottom is marked "Arthur Wood, England". The spout has a strainer (several holes); there's also a vent-hole in the lid (the lid is flat, and not domed). My wife bought the teapot recently in an antique mall in Michigan for $65; it's like new. I know the Arthur Wood firm opened in 1884 and closed in October 2003. Can you tell me anything more about this teapot? Are these big ones very common? Were they perhaps made for use in a pub, police station, or church? How old might it be?

370) I am looking for a particular teapot - it is the world of motion carousel teapot - the full one where the horses go around the pot by MKI design - I am looking for it either used or new doesnt matter

369) Hi ,I have what I was told was a stove top aluminium teapot, but since then been told its a coffee percolator [ has no insides] though.It has the mark / logo on the bottom of a clock face inside that is hands pointing to 8 o'clock and the number 8. On the outside of that is British Made. It has a ( looks like ) Bakelite handle and a hinged lid with a glass pyrex top with the numbers 955 / 15 A on it. It stands 22 cm tall and 24 cm from tip of spout across to handle. It is a fairly long spout measuring 10 cm from bend up. It has a art deco appearance.Any help identifying the maker and time fame would be appreciated.

368Q) have a teapot with "Price Bros, England, M & M" located inside a six pointed star and "No. 272" on the bottom. It also has an orange colored "X" hand painted on the bottom. The pot is a very dark brown, almost looks to be black, with gold trim and raised floral pattern around both sides about midway it's height and also around the top. Could someone tell me the year it was manufactured and perhaps the value.

368A I also have my grandmother's teapot, which sounds very similar in description to yours; however, mine does not have a No. on the bottom. Mine says Tokay Tea on the lid, and my mother said it was a promotional item that came with Tokay Tea. It is difficult to find information about Price Bros., before they became Price Kensington, but I did find on the Internet, that the M & M within the star marking were stopped by 1910. Price Bros. became Price Kensington in about 1904 and carried on the logo for about 6 years, but not after 1910.

368aa)I have a teapot that is marked price Bros England M & M No 371 it is dark brown with hand painted flowers and gold leaves can anyone tell me about this pc?

My teapot is dark brown, almost black with white and turquoise flowers with orange dots for the flower center. There is gold trim on the teapot and lid. If you find any other information, I would be appreciative.

367) I have an Arthur Wood & Son Teapot # 6432. Can you tell me anything about it? What is it's worth? I also noticed that Question 222 on your website was from someone looking to purchase this teapot

366) We have and antique silver teapot with a black wooden handle and wooden top. The stamps on the bottom are:-one we cant make out, 8 letters, starts with a B, last 4 letters are NOID -EP/B.B S.L.D -7581-2 pint-1164 RL not stamped in, but it appears to be etched in If you have any information on this teapot we would greatly appreciate it. Thanks!

365) I have a musical floral gold trim teapot. I see some type of a mark on the underneath side of the spout. Do you think this is a collectible piece?
I also have Eagle China Austria plates.

364) Hi, I have a very old teapot I believe is made of cast iron. On the pot it says Joseph Bell & CO. Wheeling, W.Va. June 20, 1868. It also has the number 9 on it. I have searched everywhere for information on this teapot, but can't find anything. I would like to know the value. Thanks.

363) I have the same teapot as Question #47. A black teapot with raised flowers and gold wreaths the flowers are turquoise, coral and white made of dots. Coronia Gibson & sons L Berslem England RuNo 697599 on the bottom. This was my grandmothers and I would like to know when it was made. She was from Leichester England. Thank-you

362) Hi I have a teapot shaped as a Pumpkin, with the following marks underneath 4 SXF 21 Shaw & fisher Suffolk Road Sheffield 8254 Can you helped me date that teapot and provide info on the maker, and potential value Thank you

361) While looking for info. on my mother-in-law's teapot,I found on which several of your questions can be answered with regard to Swan ware. (Editors note: - This site can help those looking for "Swan" information - but does not give values etc. - ALSO - There are always lots of Swan Brand teapots and tea sets for sale on eBay)

Questions added prior to 10/31/2004

360) I have a blue coffee/tea pot with hand painted pink roses by LeNara Wolf. The bottom of the pot has a mark of a Brown/Bareuther/Waldsassen/Bavaria-Germany/143. How do I find out more about the pot and the mark?

359) I have a blue teapot and cream and sugar. It has silver leaves, that need to be polished.It looks like it says: T.Dean & sonmade in England. TUNSTAIL Bought in an auction any idea of the value of this set?

358) Coronia and Gibson & Son Teapot - If you find out any info. on your teapot, I would be interested in knowing what you find. As I have inherited a complete teaset. Black with painted flowers, dots and some gold trimming. It has a registered number and says it is from England. Grandpa always felt it was the most valuable antique he owned.


357) question, along with answer below

356) I have a tea set of bone china written 22kt gold made in england at the back of the set.The picture on the set are three women and an angel.two of the women are holding flowers,the other a rope or a thin snake,and the angel standing by a tree.the colours are mainly white,pink,blue and green.There is a name at the bottom H or M Langbach or Langber? N.A.K. Amsterdam Holland.can you e mail me with information about this tea set.Thankyou

355) I have a small sugar bowl? not sure no lid, odd handles, bottom states: Meriden S.P. Co. also number #3604. Can you tell me info about this or where to look. Thank You

354) I have a round Jewelry box with 3 legs. Looks like some gold looking philagre (sp) on the outside with 3 small porceline round tiles with a rose painted on each? Also have a lid with mother of pearl on top and in center is another porceline tile with rose. Under the lid when taken off is a mirror. It also is a music box that says "in the gloaming merry widow" (?) taped on the bottom. Also a nameplate that says "THORENS" with a star above the R. and was ditributed by Silverite Co. Brookline 16,N.Y.
What (if anything) can you tell me about this ?
(354 - partial answer received: I don't have much of an answer, but my mother lived in the Chicago area and has a piano music box from Silverite that plays "My Wild Irish Rose". )

353) I have a teapot that has the following on the bottom (Arthur Wood & Son Staffordshire, England Est. 1884 E 6432). Can you tell me anything about it?

352) i have a teapot with price brothers on the bottom - hand painted black-- can any one tell me more about it-- who are the price brothers??

351) have been given a teapot which used to belong to my grandmother, it is pattend with red and yellow flowers with blue stems and is edged in gold! it has a number of markings on the base. Burslem it has a knott with the initals HJWBand the numbers 491 11 thank you for your help

350) I'm looking for a Kamenstein MKI design World of Motion Steam driven Rocket Kettle ( new or used). Can anyone help me out? Thank a million.

349) Do you have any information on my grandmothers teapot? We believe it is circa 1900.It is made of nickle silver and has markings on the bottom.
L&W S. E.F.BM 42650 4

348) being handed down thru the family i have a manning bowman teapot..pewter and copper i has the name and the number 4 on the bottom any information on this? my grandmother was from pawtucket r.i., but her family was from france originally..ithink the teapot was made in meridian connecticut...butn ot sure..

347) Hi I have a pink coffee pot,pink sugar bowl and 4 cups and saucers in assorted colours. They are all trimmed in gold on the bottom of the pieces it says Bareuther Barvaria and has a crown. Any info would be gratefully recieved.

346) I have a Bareuther Waldsassen teapot with the number 233 on the bottom. I am looking for additional pieces. Any suggestions?
Thank you,

Questions added prior to 03/20/2004


346) have been given a teapot to sell for a local charity.It is a Sadler which seems to have a number beside the maker's name. There is a Thorens movement in the base which plays "tea for two".There is an ornate pattern on both sides of two ladies in crinolines, a young man and a boy in a garden with a statue on a pillar and pink roses growing up this pillar.There is heavy gilding in an oval around the pictures and the spout. The surrounding area has a pattern of branching ferns in a lighter gilding. The rectangular lid has a heavily gilded "bow" on top. It has been used but is in perfect condition. If anyone can give me an idea the value it will be most helpful.

345) question, along with answer below


343) I'm looking for a John Deere teapot. Have one? At least the yellow/green John Deere colors in one?

342) Hello, I am looking for wallpaper with teapots. I have looked in wallpaper books, but do not find a very big selection. Could you direct me to a company that might carry teapot wallpaper? Thank you.

341) I have what appears to be an old teapot that has made in japan marked on the bottom of the cups (that look like small water glasses) the matching teapot has no marking on the bottom of it. It is old white, lightly yellowed, the glaze looks crackled and the design looks sort of like a boat with the top of the "boat" having a triangle on each end with a blue dot in the triangles, the body of the "boat" has a sideways diamond with a blue dot in it and a blue dot on each side of that. Sitting on top of the "boat" looks to me like an easter egg decorated with what looks like a stop sign with three blue dots on it also. This teapot also has a bamboo handle. The lid has two diamonds with blue dots and opposite them are two blue dots alone.
Does anyone have any information about this teapot? Thanks

340) I have a set of Betson's tea set from Japan. I got it from my grandmother and it is all hand painted. Can you tell me what its worth. It had the pot, four cups and saucers and the creamer. I would be interested if there are any pieces out there that may make this a complete set

Questions prior to 01/14/2004

339) I have a tea set. On the bottom it reads Bareuther waldsassen Bavaria Germany 221 I would like to no what,s the year of it and whats it worth.

338) I have a John Bull teapot, blue and white , 9" high, 10" wide and 6" deep. Would like to know value.Also 2 pitchers blue and white, oriental design that have Victopia Ironstone on bottom. One is 6 1/2" One is 7 1/2" tall. Have not been able to find any information on these either.

337) I have a 21 piece tea set and I was just wondered if you can tell me how old it is. The only thing I know is that it is hand decorated and that it says made in Japan. The box has numbers on it and they are pat #1350and 4247. It also has a sticker that says 7/238B it is also a miniature set the decoration on it is blue and black flower steams with gold trim just wondering how old it is because the box is very fragile and looks very old.


336) question, along with answer below


335) we have a teapot in the family, appears to be silver... mark on bottom 'Meriden" 1884 with batwing handles, and a makers mark of some kind of weigh-scale. can you provide some thoughts as to it's history or value?

Questions prior to 01/14/2004

334) I came across an old turkey platter-huge with a turkey in the center and vegetables border. The back has a marking that reads Hand Glazed
Underglaze Ironstone N S (a triangle) P Can you tell me who made this and how old it is

333) Dear Sirs; I was given a very pretty pale green opalescent teapot with black handle and spout. Along with the teapot I received a matching sugar bowl and 3 teacups with saucers all in perfect condition. The mark on the bottom reads :Made in Bavaria. I have attached a picture. I was told this was given to my relative as a wedding gift in the early 1900's. I would appreciate any information you could provide.
(Picture available upon request)

332) Hi I have a teapot that was designed by price brothers in England that has horsemen on it looks like war time of some sort can you give me any info on this thanks

331) have a teapot with creamer and covered sugar bowl. It is white w/like a green wash at the top and bottom edge, has two pink roses on one side and a rose bud on the other, a ruffled edge and has gold trim on the edge, handle and a gold design on the neck. The mark is Hand painted(looks hand printed), a rising sun, and NIPPON (in caps). The sun's rays are not straight lines but look almost like a grass tuft if you don't know it is a sun. I would like very much to know if this is worth anything and how much, and how old it is. I have looked online everywhere I can think to look and only found one place that had something similar but not exactly and that was on item lot on ebay.

Questions prior to 01/01/2004

330) am lookig up information on my silver teapot the name inside reads( THAY JOHNSON ) on the bottom is the number 20 its about a foot high with a lid that is attached ,Im in the early stages of research on the peice let me know if anything im describing sounds familiar ,anything would be appreciated Thank you

329) PLEASE help me! I have in my possesion a quadruple silver plate pitcher teapot that is engraved on the front of it USS FERN. I know that the
USSFERN was a civil war gunboat and that the pitcher was made by the Meridan Silver Company. It pivots on a stand and it is very detailed in
its decoration, especially around its spout and on its stand which appears to me to be fern along the sides. We think since it pivots on a
stand, it must have come off a ship or boat. Thank you in advance for any information you may have.

328) My mother has a Woods Ivory Ware teapot The references on it are 20.60. 1024. p.d Can you tell me if it has any value, or can I car boot it.

327) I have a 21 piece Bareuther tea/coffee set gold colour on outside and white inside. It has a crown on the base the word Bareuther and number 22, Any information would be gratfully received. I also have a crown devon gold coloured tea pot queen anne style any info again please, A james Sadler tea pot decorated with pansies and lastly a James Hent old foley 3 tier server decorated in burgandy and gold with roses in centre.
Many thanks

326) Hi, I have a Kamenstein Cow-Jumped-Over-The-Moon kettle. At least, that’s what I assume. It has a cow “handle” on the lid, and the body is blue enamel with yellow stars. BUT! It is missing the spout whistle, which I’ll bet is a yellow crescent moon or something like it. Anyone know where one can get parts for older kettles (this is circa 1994)?

325) question, along with answer below

Questions prior to12/20/2003

324) anyone with any information : PLEASE HELP! I have a quadruple silver plate teapot / kettle that pivots on a detachable stand with many
detailed designs on the stand and the pot. The front is engraved " USS FERN". The bottom has a lion silvermark stamp with " Meriden Silver co.
,quadruple plate, and right below that are the numbers 0403. The design on the spout looks like men with weapons possibly at war. The stand is
designed with what I think is supposed to be fern. We believe it came off of a civil warship, but have come up with very little information.
It has some dents and is very tarnished, but it has a spookiness about it. If anyone can tell me anything about it, I thank you in advance.

323) I have a green teapot with a series of numbers on the bottom and also the name H.J.Wood, England. It is called "The Old Lady". I was told it is a left handed teapot, any information on it would be appreciated.

322) I have a complete set of W.Warvel china, made in poland. I believe it's called a Moss Rose pattern, it's got three sets of roses and a double gold rim on the outside and a rose with the gold trim on the inside. I would like to know more about this company, when it was made and how many sets were made. My china has the backstamp of W. Warvel and each piece is numbered.I have researched everywhere and have come up with nothing. Your help would be greatly appreciated.

321) hi just wandering if you could help me with some information.I have purchased a complete tea set gold stamped on the bottom 80.It looks a bit small to be an adult one so maybe it could be a childrens set.Could you also give me an apprx date of it if possible and roughly what it is worth...any help you can give me would be greatly appreciated.

320) I have a Takashashi, hand painted pink salt & pepper shakers with dish green/yellow with pink butterfly on dish. Can you tell me how much this might be worth? I also have a Red clay cat butterdish, bottom high fired, the only markings on the bottom is a tag from Ron Gordon designs.
Thank you

319) question, along with answer below

318) I am searching for a Noah's Ark teapot. I saw one in a catalog about a year ago, and regret not ordering it then. Any idea where I could get one?

317) question, along with answer below

316) We have a Sheffield Tea pot and would like to find out the year it was made and the value in todays market. On the bottom are the following
Britannia,possible Roman soldier in a chariot,Philip Ashberry & sons? Sheffield 5 196 11

315) Hello,I am trying to locate and purchase a "rocket kettle" I think it was made by Kamenstein. When the steam heats up the rockets go around. Such a great kettle. I appreciate any help you can give in my search! Thanks

314) I'm TRYING TO FIND INFORMATION ABOUT WHISTLES USED FOR TEA-POTS. I have A BRASS BIRD..WHICH I BELIEVE IS A WHISTLE. Someone said it isn't a pie-bird..but this is mostly all brass and not large..could it be that steam excaped from the tea kettle to make it sound like a bird? I sat it onto this crystal vase to keep it from falling over. Any information will be appreciated.Thanks

Questions prior to11/24/2003

313) have a tea cup............# 751 from Bareuther / Bavaria its got yellow and blue flowers on it. The " Bareuther " symbol has a crown on top.....and is surrounded by a stylish signature. I know this was from my grandmother...maybe 1930.....or less do you think its worth much ?

312) question, along with answer below

311) have a huge china set that has a green W on the bottom and has a really beautiful and thick gold trim that looks like brushed leaves or something around the outside of the plates,bowls,cups,saucers,gravy boat,huge pot,tea pot and so on. I know it's most likely Warvel, but I don't understand the difference of Wawel and Warvel? Also on the bottom it says made in Poland and I have a polish friend who read the polish words written below the W and made in Poland, it reads hand painted. I also know that it is supposed to be old like the late 19 century but no signafying marks...Please help, what do I have, the set is huge and massive... Thanks...



310) question, along with answer below


309) Can you please give me info regarding a small 2-fish shaped tea pot It is in the shape of two fish, one part of the tail is the spout and the other fish-tail makes the handle. There is NO top opening, only an opening on the bottom. Pot is filled from the bottom, turned over quickly and without spilling a drop, tea can be poured. Color is dark brown (majolica) and shiny. Stamp on bottom reads made in Manchuria. I don’t know anything about its age. Long time ago befor I owned my pot, there was a similar pot (same concept) on the antiques road show, but I could never catch a rerun of this to get the info. Please help!

308) I recently bought a set of dinnerware with the company name W Warvel. It is also stamped "Made in Poland". There are numbers on the bottom of each piece. Do you have any history of this china manufacturer or where in Poland this type of china was manufactured or a source that I might contact? Any help you can give me would be appreciated. I checked with and the pattern looks very similar to the Casa oro pattern by Warvel. The only exception is mine has an extra gold band. Thank you again for any information you can give me.

307) I have a teapot that's a blackface clown with a wire handle. The sticker on the bottoms says Made in Thames hand painted Japan. There is also what I think is an artist stamp,from what I can make out it says,pat.pend.des. in a circle. It also has a Japenese character stamp. Any information would be great,Thanks!

306) recently acquired this teapot which was very dirty but after some TLC decided to display and use it.The indenification on it is--The aluminum
works -stratford-on-avon--sona ware-item# J-31.Description a 2 cup polished aluminum pot with bake o light handle with a inside strainer and also two
beaded bands halfway down the side -top and bottom. I am hoping you might be able to date this teapot for me. Thankyou GBN

305) Hi: I have a teapot, it is approximately 6" high. It is white with gold crown like accents around the bottom, the handle and spout are also covered with gold or gold like covering? the cover also has the crown like accents. The bottom is inscribed by hand with W797 and a letter D underneath. Also stamped on bottom is Gibsons Staffordshire, England with the crown above Gibsons. Any help with the value would be appreciated.

304) I have purchased 4 teapots, one is white and has a floral design on the pot and lid, the handle has gold on it and so does the spout and lid, the surface isnt smooth its a wavy like look to it, and on the bottom it is pressed letters that say SADLER then under that says ENGLAND i wanna know the year and its value if at all possible, I also have 2 that are brown in color with darker brown markings on it like a leopards markings, the lid is trimmed in gold and has an airflow hole, the handle and spout have gold trimmings in them and right below the top rim is like a jade color with white vine design and gold trim at the top and bottom of the jade, the other is the same except below the rim on it is white then gold then white again, more gold on this one than white, these 2 are STAMPED Sadler then under that says Staffordshire England, Last but not least i have a dark blue teapot that has lots of gold on it, a gold floral design very beautiful, this one is STAMPED Gibsons Staffordshire England, Please tell me the years on these pots and values, every one of these teapots are numbered also in gold and have letters above or below them, any info would be wonderful, thanks so much


302) bought a beautiful oriental silver tea set several years ago and can not find anyone who can tell me anything about it. The antique shop I bought it in did not know anything about it other than they got in at an estate sale in the mountains of North Georgia. There is the teapot, sugar and creamer. IT is a very complicated dragon design all in silver. The bottom of each piece has a turtle stamped with a stamped triangle about the turtle. Each piece also has an oriential, what looks like a signature stamped on the lower side of each piece.

301) We have a Teapot that on the bottom of it says: The Aluminium Works Stratford-On-Avon England Teapot S-1345Made By N.C.J. TD AT
J.525 Sona Ware Does anyone know anything about this teapot, how old it might be or if it has any value?

300) question, along with answer below

299) question, along with answer below


298) I have a tea set consisting of a black tea pot with a black cat head, red ribbon around neck and green eyes, matching sugar and creamer. On the bottom seems to be scratched or painted on by hand R.D. 1951. I love it but I'm afraid to display it because I don't know if it has value or not lol.. Can you help?

297) am trying to find info on a tea pot that is a camel with a boy on top very beautiful and ornate.Please help.Thank you

296) I have a small brass looking teapot. (Not brass as inside of pot is silver looking.) Etching of a flower and leaves on the sides and just
leaves on the small lid around a small wooden knob. . It has a wooden handle attached to curved metal attached to the pot. Very small pouring
spout. Only marking on the bottom is the word india, the i is small and the letters get bigger as it is written and is like little dots for the
letters. I have pictures if needed of the pot. Sorry I no nothing about antiques but would love to find out something about this pot. Sorry for
the bad description. It belonged to my mother and is at least 30 or more years old. Thanks for any help on this.

295) I have this teapot ( I have included pictures). I have done a little bit of research on the internet about trade names and marks. I did discover that the mark on my teapot dated around 1912. Other than that I know a little about the history of the company and that is about it. If you could give me any kind of info about the date this pattern was made and the value of the piece, I would greatly
(Picture available upon request)

294) Do you have any idea of the value of the Woods Berslam turkey platter. It has been in the family for over 60 years and is in excellent condition. I am going to keep it in the family, of course but was curious of the value. It is in excellent condtion.

293) have a musical teapot it's a little old lady she has a green hat with flowers on it, her hair is blue, she has on a burgundy and green cape with blue ties. It looks like her shirt was yellow her skirt is purple and she carries a yellow purse and a yellow umbrella. I have been told the music that is played is Little Old Lady Dressed In Blue. on the bottom of this teapot it says REG No 827653. Inside the lid of this pot is a mark like an R. Could you tell me if this is an antique where/when it was made and how much it is worth? ................. (no other markings are on this pot)

292) I have a Tea Set that is light blue with raised dragon on every piece, everything is trimmed in gold. It has 15 pieces, 4 cups, 4 saucers, 4 plates, 1 creamer, 1 sugar, and tea pot. It stamped hand painted, Japan on the bottom. It has a star design on the bottom of the larger pieces.
If anyone can help with any information on this, I would like to know if it has any value, I inherited it. Thanks for thing I can get on this.

291) question, along with answer below


290) I have an Albert Pick & company silver/nickel teapot and was wondering if anyone had any info on it? It was here when I bought the house Im living in and have no idea of its origins.

289) Hi, I have a musical teapot that I acquired through my mother. It is in perfect shape, pale green with raised flower and leaves. On the bottom it says`:Thorens Distributed by Silverite Co.Brooklyn __NY *also stamped on the bottom side, Made in England.
*On the lid of the tea pot it is stamped: Patent No. 301262. The number is smeared and is hard to read.* Is there any information that you know of regarding this teapot, I am very curious. Value and ect.

288) I just received a tea pot that is white with gold flower. On the bottom of the pot it sates "Arthur Wood" and the numbers 5325. Can you give ma any information on this tea pot? Thank you.

287) Hello. I'm wondering if someone could help me? I have a cup, not sure ifits tea or coffee, and I would like some information on the cup. Markings
on the bottom read "Royal Crown Greek Classic 55/1532. Cup is gold trimmed porcelain with pictures of greek characters around the cup. The bottom of the cut is a shiny blue/purple color.

286) Could you tell me if a lingard (sarey gamp ) teapot is worth anything. The enamel on the outside has surface cracks. But does not leak.

285) I am looking for information on a Lungard--Charles Dickens teapot thar I recieved 25 years ago. It has a England stamp along with a backwards "E" 81C written in a blue-black paint pen. I have no knowledge about it but I would like any info anyone may wish to share. Thank you, Valerie

284) How do I contact J. Bailey teapots made in China?

283) i have a wade made in england teapot , it is of a character and the lid is a green plaid cap the colors are off whie base brown handle black outline of eyes hair and collar highlited with a rust color. can you tell me the value or anything about this teapot

282) have a mother of pearl staffordshire tea set (tea pot, sugar bowl and jug) a souvenier - A Present from Mullion Cove - is it a collectors item of any value?

281) I have a Swan Brand 6-cup teapot marked CH and listed as Swan-Cromalin-1 and says Willo Ware on it. It has a japanese etched scene and states, made in England. Does anyone know an approximate manufacture date, value, or any other info about it???

280) saw some teapots in a store where the teapot fits on top of a cup and they were both of the same painted design. Do you know where to order something like this? They range from about one cup to maybe three or four - depending on the size of the teapot. The cups looked larger than the ordinary teapot. I think the labe said they were a product of China and possibly the importer was GAMZ or something like that. thanks for the help

279) Sirs, I have a pewter? teapot in the shape of a pumpkin with a nut? on the hinged lid and leaves on the 4 feet.On the base it is marked Parkin & Marshall XL ALL Sheffield 8985 and with a small arrowhead shape mark. Can any one tell me anything about it? Thanks

278) Have a one cup teapot - Swan Bran LTD The Carlton and don't know anything about it. Is it a collectable? Any information would be helpful.

277) I have a MKI Design/ World of Motion Carousel Tea Kettle. This is the large full carousel tea kettle not the small carousel on top version. The black plastic ring that holds the carousel top to the kettle has broken. I'm looking for this part from the manufacturer. I contacted M.Kamerstein,inc.
in Elmsford New York and they said that they were purchased assembled from overseas and are not supporting these anymore. They are discontinued and they offer no parts. If there is information on the manufacturer so that Ican try to obtain parts, I would appreciate it.

276) Have a Conch Shell Teapot (Japanese I believe). Green/Brown colour, small though only about a single cup I'm afraid. Can send you a photo if you're interested to see what they look like

275) Hi, I am looking for information on a teapot that is porcelain with a rose pattern and a lid with a rosebud for the handle. the bottom is
stamped R.S. Prussia. Any info would be appreciated. Thank You.

274) I have a Woods "Little Old Lady" Teapot, Sugar, and Creamer with no damage at all. The Reg. No. is 827653. I was wondering what they are booked for to sale. I also would like to know their age. Thanks for any information you can send me.




272) my wife owns a ye daintee ladyee teapot reg no 82457 is it possible to let us know about the history and is it valuable.

271) Teapot, sugar, creamer, salt and pepper.Looks like cream-colored stoneware with raised fruit pattern.Has Tilso53/855,53/867 on bottom. Need info where to find replacements or additions. Thank You

270) Hi! I have a 3 piece set; a teapot, a creamer; a sugar; all with their lids and in perfect condition. They are marked Woods "Little Old Lady" Reg 827653 Made in England. I would like to know what they are worth and if they are rare or not. I have never seen them before and it is the whole set. Can anyone advise? Thanks!

269) Hello, I am looking for a company formerly located in New Jeresy Gailstyn-Sutton 105 Sylvania Place South Plainfield New Jeresy 07080
Please send telephone #, new name and address if available
269A) I, too, am trying to find info on Gailstyn-Sutton. I have a yellow teapot named 'Rondo", made in Japan. Please let me know if you have any info.

Questions prior to11/2003

268) ... looking for a Sigma, by Tastesetter, Harlequin teapot. Thanks

267) Good morning. I have a Gibson teapot that is cream color with large pink, yellow and blue flowers and gold trim.The marking on the bottom looks like S449H. Can you tell me how much it is worth? Thank you. JUlie

266) Tea set + serving tray marked Bavaria Germany 22carat gold Handarbeit. six cups and saucers along with the tea pot, creamer and sugar bowl
/Where can I find a picture and price ? thanks marie

265) have an English teapot I would like to find information about. It is a small, black teapot with hand-painted flowers on it. The lid reads "For England and Democracy". The bottom reads "Made in England - World War II - Escorted to U.S.A. By Royal Navy". It also has the Union Jack and the Lion on the bottom, entwined in rope. Any information about it's history would be greatly appreciated. Thank You.

265B) Any luck on this teapot. I have the same except this one states escorted by the allied fleets.


264) question, along with answer below


263) I am looking for a replacement teapot that my parents purchased for me in Canada in 1963.It is blue with white flowers on the top half and metalic glaze on the bottom half of the piece as well as on the handle and lid. If anyone can help, I would greatly appreciate it.

262) I have a what I belive is a pewter teapot, it is in the shape of a duck it has hand etchings of feathers, a copper bill,two purple stones set in for eyes, a redish stone on the head, a green stone on the strainer lid, a light pink stone on the tail. On thebottom of the teapot is etched the word CHINA. I'm
interested in any info you might have on this.

261) question, along with answer below

260) Hi; I couldn't find how to post a question on your site.I am searching for a Multi-colored Humpty Dumpty Teapot made in England identical in style,shape and form as the Lingard yellow and gold/ and separate green one.The multi-colored one can be viewed in ebay # 2641827023. Please let me know if anyone can help find one,and who makes it.Thank you, Sandi

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259) My wife owns a Lingard ‘Sheaves of Corn’ teapot in yellow and gold and would like to know its value, can anyone advise?

258) I hope you can help! I have this little creamer (?) marked Manning and Bowman. It is copper and I think Pewter. it's for heating milk or cream i think? it has a hinged lid with a tiny steam hole in the top. The "arm" is black and i don't know what the material is. maybe wood with black paint but not sure about that.Can u tell me anything about it? Photo attached. Thanks for your time!! (Photo for question 258 available on request)

257) I have rec'd a teapot with cream and sugar (no lid for sugar bowl) (white with gold stripes) from my mother who rec'd it from her mother who was born in England in 1896 who also rec'd it from her mother. On the bottom of the teapot hand written in gold letters is "W545 with a 1 and then it looks like two brackets overlapping one another following the number 1. If you have any information or value on this set I would appreciate hearing from someone as I would like to pass it on to my granddaughter with some history if any. Thanking you in advance.

256) I am seeking a creamer that my mother broke. It has a silver sticker on the bottom that says Betson’s Japan. It is white with gold trim and gold accents. In the center there is a couple Victorian looking folk the girl has a blue bodice and pink/purple skirt. The fellow has a matching pink/purle colored cape. They look like they are in a garden dancing. Do you know anyone who might have this to sell?

255) I have a tea pot, sugar bowl, creamer and serving plater all made of aluminum. The Pot says made by N.C. JL td At Sona Ware The Aluminium Works Stratford-On-Avon England and is Stamped J576. The rest say the same without the J576. Any information?

254) I have a blue tea pot that has silver inlay on the outside on the bottom it says made in England T.Dean & sons Tunstail.Can anyone help me with any information on this tea pot.

253) I noticed that someone else has a Mother Goose figurine with "Shafford" "Handpainted" printed on the bottom of it. Mine has Mother Goose reading to three children and 3 geese are sitting around them. Does anyone have any information? Thankyou!

252) I purchased a tea pot from a estate sale for $1.00 It is stamped MADE IN JAPAN in gold paint It is also musical which I have never seen before. It is in excellant condition Can you tell me anything about the age or worth?

251) Hi,my name is Donna and i have a mamie teapot that was my grandmothers.I think it is about 40 years old.I have tried to find out about it on the net,but cant seem to find anything about it at all! I cannot make out the mark on the bottom,although it is surrounded by what seems to be leaves.Thank you for any help.

250) While in Germany I found an old Thames handpainted clown tea set, not in mint condition by any means, but still interesting. Four of the original six cups are still with the set, one with repaired handle. Clown unchipped.I was wondering if you could tell me something about it and if it might be worth something to someone. I"ve enclosed a few pictures as attachments. Thankyou very much. (Picture for question 250 available on request)

249) I was wondering if you had any information on this Fujiyama Yokohama Tea Set . I have enclosed pictures of it. Any help would be very much appreciated. (Picture for question 249 available on request)


248) question, along with answer below


247) I have a teapot called Ye Daintee Ladyee Reg No 824571 Made in England Stamped in gold on the bottom it says as purchased by her Majesty Queen Mary and the number 850Z in green I dont know if this is authen


245) Hi, I would greatly appreciate any and all help with this. I believe it is a teapot, onthe bottom is has "victor s. co. EP-NS silver soldered" with this number,"RO137" 8oz and the #55 in a square. And yes I am looking for an approximate value or a site to track this site. Thanks again.

244) I have a blue floral teapot by arthur wood octaganal shape.Stamped royal crown ford ironstone england.Could you tell me how old it is please

243) i have ablue and gold wedgewood teapot it is gold on the spout,handle,the whole lid, the top lip ,and from the center to the bottom the blue wedgewood ( greek design )is from the bottom of the lip to the center of the pot there are markings on the base there is the gibsons staffordshire england mark,673,x10 and engraved are an e and a y i have not been able to find anything on this teapot or it's value can you help thank you very much

242) vie found this old electric teapot, and was wondering if you give info,its English i think because it has a 110/220v mark on the bottom.its pretty ornate .if you can help ill give more info after you email and i will have a picture within the day

241) I have a teapot that I aquired from my grandmother. Believed to have been passed down through the family, its origin is unknown. It is black metal with carved gold flowers and leaves. On the bottom it is inscribed with "India 1304-1". Thank-you in advance for any information.

240) My wife's mother gave her a tea pot which had belonged to her grandmother. There are several markings on the bottom of the tea pot which I shall attempt to describe.The tea pot is yellow in color with a black spout and handle. It is designed with flowers in a circle on each side of the pot and also on the cover. The knob on the cover is also black.There is a circular stamp on the bottom which has a crown on the top of it and inside the circle are four squares with the letters "L", "D", "B", and "C". Around the circle are the words " Royal Bavaria. Underneath the circle it says "made in Germany". There is another stamp on the bottom and it is designed to appear to have soem type of vine or leaf design in a circle with a crown on the top and inside the design are the letters "P" and "M". Stamped underneath that is the word "Bavaria" Also stamped in yellow on the bottom of the pot appears to be the numeral "10".The pot is in excellent condition with no cracks, glazing or chips. What can you tell me about it?

239) I thought this set was a teapot and tea box, but looking through different antique information sites, I am wondering if it is in fact an oil lamp and match box set. I believe my mother-in-law at one time did say the the one contianer was a match box. The box is round with a screw off lid. On top of the lid is a triple circle with I,M, V imprinted around the circle. The trademark on the bottom of both is a crown with GvG under the crown. On the left side of the crown there is a letter I, above the crown the letter M and on the right side of the crown the letter V. Allother markings are worn off.
Can you help identify? I think its possibly of English or German origin.

238) I recently purchased a used teapot that is shaped like a teapot but painted black and white in the likeness of a cow. It has a little mental
bell hanging from the neck that also serves as the spout. It has the cute head of a cow with it's eyes closed attached to the spout. On the bottem of
this teapot in a circle formation it says M.Kamenstein Inc. Taiwan then it has the letters MCMXCII. It is just the cutest thing that I have ever seen.
It is a real creation let me tell you. I have looked all over the web but can't seem to find a picture of it or what it's retail value was. Can you or
anybody out there help me? I think the head is made frome porcelain if that helps.

237) I have an Arthur Wood Sumertime Rose tea pot with 6308 marked on the bottom. The handle runs across the top like a tea kettle would, but it's made out of porclein , heavy china. Could you tell me what year it was made and the value of it. thank you

236) I have a beautiful Tea Pot, and on the bottom it has the following information: Coronia Gibson & Sons Ltd BURSLEM England
RN 697599 It has a hand written number 0275 followed by the letter V on the bottom. Could you provide us any information on this pot? Thank You.

235) I have a beautiful Tea Pot, and on the bottom it has the following information: HJWB No. 92 MADE IN ENGLAND
Could you provide us any information on this pot? Thank You.

questions prior to 9/2003


234) Received a tea set for our wedding in 1971 J507 in a block Made by N.C.J.Ltd_at The Aluminum Works Stratford-on-Avon England
In a ornate circle in written Sona Chrome I would like to know more about this set. It was a gift from very special friends.Thank you,

234a) I just saw the most recent question listed involving a tea set by SonaWare. I have the same set, also marked J507, made by N.C.JLtd. What can you tell me about it? I tried the direct website but it seems to be down.Thanks

233) Hello - I too am trying to get info.on a teapot I recently bought which sounds very similar to yours The markings on the bottom are: J06A Made by N.C. Joseph Ltd.Stratford-On-Avon England The pattern around the bowl is an etching of a Chinese garden or somethingsimilar. I've just started my search and was very surprised to find you rmessage. If you should get a response(to question 175), would you be so kind as to share it with me? I will be happy to do the same.Thank You,

232) I have the same question as #160 and 161 inquiries. I have received as a gift a Swan Bran teapot about 1 1/2 pt in size that has stamped on the bottom SWAN-CROMALIN, MADE IN ENGLAND also a small 32 made of polished aluminum. Around the bottom it has CORONATION JUNE 1953 ELIZABETH II. Would it be possible to put me in contact with the other owners of similar pots so that I may find out what they learned?

231) Hello, I bought a pewter tea pot that has the initials M.M. and is dated 1862. Inside the pot on the bottom there is a figure of a winged man holding a scale. Over the man it says HOHENNER and under it says SBACH. This is all I can make out. There may be more letters but I can't tell. Around the top of the pot on the outside there is star pattern that encircles the top and bottom. The tea pot is about 9 inches tall.

230) I know this has been awnsered, but i have an soma ware teapot and 8 small cups with 4 tall cups, i dont really want them and am willing to sell

229) I have this tea pot and I don't know a thing about it. I have enclosed a picture. It has Tom the Piper's Son Patented USA on the bottom. I'm not interested in selling it I just wanted to find out about it. The value, if it's necessary for insurance purposes. I appreciate any help you can give me.
(Picture available upon request)

228) I’m looking for a whistling tea pot that is not shaped like a Strawberry but is white enamel with strawberry decorations on it. I bid on one on Ebay But lost out and was so very disappointed. I’ve looked on so many websites including Lloyd Reston, Chantal, etc and no strawberry design is Available, lots of apples, animals, flowers, etc but no strawberry design. Can you help? I would consider buying a used one if it’s in good Shape. Thank you

227) (or 96B) I have a brown teapot similar to those described in inquires numbered 96 and 96A My teapot is dark brown with cherries and leaves on three sides. The lid has For England and Democracy and the bottom has World War II, British Flag, made in England and a lion surrounded by a rope design. Also the words Escorted to USA by Royal Navy and #417 C/J. I would be interested in any information about this teapot including market value.

226) (or 115A) I have a Japanese Tea Set (tea pot with 6 cups) that has double-wall with heart cut outs. Its sage green with gold accents. It sounds similar to question A115.. What is this worth?
(Picture available upon request)

225) Please can you help me find a stoneware pig teapot...My friend loved his, and broke it....and now is sad...and wants to replace it....but...I cannot find one!Please help me.....

224) Hello, Back in 1970, while living in Germany, I received a beautiful teapot set covered in "real" gold. On the bottom of the cups is hand stroked in Gold "boner" or "bonar" and under this bavaria, all enclosed with what looks like a larger size stroked "B". On the bottom, underneath the white finish of the cup is the number "831". An older generation German gentleman indicated the gold alone was worth $500. Looking for someone who may have experience in determing its value. All of the cups and saucers are not there, yet I was told the teapot represented the real value of a set. I have attached a picture of the teapot yet it does not do it justice and I'm in the process of taking new ones. Much appreciate any light shed on this. Thank You!:)
(Picture available upon request)

223) Hello I have a musical teapot and sugar bowl and creamer. The only thing it has on the bottom is hand painted Tilso Japan. It is white with big flowers on the side, same with creamer and sugar bowl. The top of the teapot and sugar bowl is blue with flowers gathered at the top for a handle. The bottom of the teapot has wood on it with a musical box inside that play’s tea for two when lifted off the table to pour. I can not find any information on this teapot anywhere. I was wondering if you could point in any direction to find some information.

222) I am looking for an Arthur Wood & Son Staffordshire teapot, #6432. It is white with purple violets. Thanks

221) I have an old Banner hevy cast aluminum tea kettle. I cannot find any information on it. Can you help? thanks

220) please help me i have a teapot which is called bobtail rabbit by H J Woods over 40 years old and would like to know the value thankyou

219) do you have information on tom tom the pipers son tes kettles.i have one that i think is 50 y/o,thanks



216) I am looking for a replacement sugar bowl for a tea set that was a gift to my parents in 1975.The marking on the bottom say Bareuther
Waldsassen 141. It also has the crown. The set is white with gold trim and the pattern is fuit.


214) I have salt and pepper, and 2 sets of cream and sugar plus some other small blue things. What is is called? The pottery is blue flowery on a greyish background.

213) I have an old royal dragon tea pot made by betson's of japan that looks just like a black dragon the lips are red,with green and gold on the fins on the head,yellow eyes with black pupils,the neck has red,pink,and gold on it,the body is paintedred,gold,green,orange,hand painted,gold horns on the head,with a wire handle,the top cover is black with a red triangle top on it like the old war lord hats on the bottom it says on the black with silver writing and silver outline ROYAL DRAGON for good luck 6 Cup Tea Pot By Betson,s Japan. OhYea, it has two front legs and one back leg by the back leg it has an oval shaped sticker blue with silver trim top writing say hand painted then a 1/4 inch sloid silver center with the word BETSON'S in it then under it says madein Japan in silver writing on blue back ground the same for hand painted on the top silver writing with blue back ground please let me know how much this thing is worth one antique dealer told me it was worth about 35,000.00 it's in mint condition

212) I have a Humpty Dumpty Tea set , Humpty sitting on a wall leggs dangling It is a green brick wall with silver in it . Sugar bowl with Humpty head on lid, Creamer Humpty head ,it has a round red seal under Tea pot says registered, Sheffield England 1800 something very good conditon. Can you tell me somthing about it .and the value.

211) have a beautiful tea pot with price bothers stamped on the bottom with a laurel reef half circle. Price brothers in the pottery on the bottom also. It is a cream base tea pot with mouled storks (I think) flying over big flowers all in clear bright colours and flower on the spout and the Handle is or has a flower shape and the lid is one bit flower of red and yellow. It appears to be glazed and quite this porcelain or china. There is also a number or letters 3 in total stamped on the bottom. It has a few chips but I think it's lovely. I couldn't find anything about it anywhere hence this email. I would be very pleased and interested if you could help with it's history and price if known or if you can point my in the right direction. Thanks

210) I have been collecting Japanese elephant teapots for over 30 years and have not been able to find any information on them. All are either in bisque finish or glazed and I have them in many colors. All have rattan handles with either a monkey or little boy on the teapot lid and you hold it to remove the lid. Flowers are all over the saddle blanket and all are marked on the bottom "made in Japan." Only one has another mark on the bottom and I think it is a 5 petaled flower with an H in the middle. It is very faint and I am not quite sure if it has 5 petals. That is the only mark on any of them. Any info or names of reference books that you could give me would be appreciated. Thank you

209) I have several tea pots, cream and sugar, and a ice bucket, and I would like any information I can gather. I know that it stands for Strantford on Avon, but that is all I can find out. Thank you for any help you can give me

208) Hi I have a teapot that was given to me by my sister inlaw who got it from her aunt whom if she was alive today she would have been 97years old. The teapot has a chinese or japanese them and hand painted. It has holes on the top of the pot and on the bottom rim of the pot. To me it has the look of amari,but I honestly dont know. The lid has birds and it also has an design of some kind impressed on the bottom too. Any information would be greatly appreciated. There is also a mark on the bottom that is done in red.

207) I have a complete tea set with raised dragon on it Black band with white middle and another black band. Gold accents along all edges and spout of the tea pot. Its has Hand painted betson on the bottom. You would not know how much it is worth?

206) I have a woods ware willow pattern 1184-1150 tea pot and milk jug , could you please tell me there value.?

205) I have a teapot with the following info. engraved on the bottom: J.184Made by N C J Ltd at Reg Sona Chrome The Aluminum WorksStratford-on Avon England Is this a collectible? What might be its history? Does it have more than sentimental value?

204) Hello, do you have any information on this Tea pot with Black handle? I also have a 22 peice gold and white Bareuther tea/coffee set on the bottom of each peice it has the name, a crown and numbers 22 is it worth anything?

203) Where can I still purchase a Kamenstein Collection rocket tea kettle

202) looking for any information available for a character teapot name Darby & Joan with a stamped on the bottom "H.J.Wood Ltd Burslem England Handpainted" Reg Nº 857964. Thanks

201) I have a teapot - light green in color with gold trim, gold spout and gold trimmed lid. The teapot has red and white flowers entwined in ivy going in a circle. Around and inside this circle are raised blue dots. Can you tell me what pattern this is and what year it was produced

200) I have a rose type flowered teapot with Arthur Wood & Son Staffordshire, England Est. 1884 and gold number stamp 6581 on bottom. What is this teapot's estimated worth? If anything?

199) I have 38 pieces of china in the tea rose pattern by Warvel, Can anyone tell me anything about this set and its value? Age? Is there a good place to shop for replacement pieces? Also would be interested in selling it if I can't locate replacement pieces

198) Hi, Can you give me any information on a gold & white 21 piece tea set. I also have a crown devon tea pot in gold with a black handle.

197) I have just inherited an Arthur Wood teapot - number 4156. it is cream in colour and has a gold floral pattern. I was wondering if you knew anything about it as i am struggling to find out anything about it.

196) I found a Shafford Company miniature tea set with 6 cups, 6 saucers, creamer, sugar bowl and tea pot. It's white with brown "stars" (made of intersecting straight lines). Several pieces still have the company logo/sticker attached. The tea pot and sugar bowl have bright orange lids. I'm wondering if it's of any value. The sugar bowl is the only piece that is damaged (crack lines & small hole). The set is so charming, I'd love to replace the sugal bowl if I could find one. Any information would be appreciated. Thanks.

195) Swan Brand "The Carlton" 6 cups .. Hello - I am looking to replace this tea pot. I have had my current one for 35 years. Can you please tell me where i can find such a thing. Thank You

194) hi!I am interested in getting information regarding a tea set I have obtained.First, I am trying to find out the value of the set .it is a chrome plated swan brand willoware set. It has the coffee and teapot with lids (they are black plastic or acrylic) as well as the sugar bowl and milk jug.I also have a tray they came on it I am wondering if it is the one to go with this set though because it doesn’t have the elaborate etched design of Asian inspired houses trees and bridges it does however say swan brand and chrome-plated on it as well though. Do you think that it could be part of that set ? Lastly, it also came with a stand like thing, it is 5.5 inches wide and circular with 4 little "feet" that it stands on there are cutouts in 4 areas of the top circular piece that look like butterflies and swirly etching around the "butterflies" in the middle of the circle is a medallion looking thing that has a blue background and a castle looking building etched in the medallion under it is a banner in red that says welshpool.I was thinking it was something to put the teabags on or to keep the hot pots off of a table directly..any ideas? do you think it is part of the set or just got mixed in with it?Any info would be much appreciated!!

193) Im trying to find out how much a teapot is worth i got it is an electric teapot with roses and gold trim and on the bottom its got 120v 350w Japan and a m in a circle if anyone nows it would greatly be appreciated

questions prior to 5/2003

192) My mother in law passed away recently and she gave me a burnt orange with blue yelow and black cloud-like figures on it. It is a cat teapot and has a steamhole in the tail. It also has some gold rimming on it. The mark has a chinese or japanese house on it but the made in words are to blurred for me to tell what they say. ANY information anyone can provide would be greatly appreciated.

191) I am looking for information on a teapot of mine that is in the shape of a gypsy girl. It is made in japan and has a little booklet inside that shows how to tell fortune from tea leafs.

190) I have an old, post-1954 (as I understand by the backstamp, which I researched on the 'Net) Arthur Wood teapot, numbered 4520. Is it of any particular value or rarity? thank you for your help.

189) I have just inherited a teapot (Wedgewood Feldspahic Stoneware Teapot l840? ). It is white,/ cream in embossed cabbage design. I am having difficulty finding out any information about this and wonder if you can help me. Kind Regards

188) I have a cat holding a fish cream pitcher, on bottom of piece with ART #5051 made in china . I do not know anything about piece. Head removes for filling and cream pours out fish mouth .Any info .

187) Hello I have a set of plates, cup and saucers, with creamer , suger bowl and teapot and coffee has raised dragons on it...kind of a gray with blue and red and other colors in it..on the bottom it says> Hand painted then there is a circle and inside the circle it has two diamonds overlapping and in the diamonds there is a T in one and a T in the other...then it says under the circle made in Japan...This set was given to my grandmother when she got it's probably at least from the 1920's around that area...I can take a picture of it if you need one..
oh and also it has something that looks like a star in the middle of the teapot on the bottom...raised...
all the dishes and pieces that go with it are all raised I don't know how it would be washed...
I haven't cleaned it because I don't know what it's made out of..someone told me it was salted finish...I don't know what that means...and I don't know if it really is salted finish..
Thank you..

186) I have a teapot that is gold spout, gold handle, gold lid with and gold leaves on one side and gold knob on lid, the bottom is gold and white stripes, the indented mid section is gold with white flowers, the inside of the pot is white. On the bottom is written,GEORGIAN, GIBSONS,ENGLAND above this is hand written in gold /// 545 and below this number in hand written is what looks like a 7.Can you tell me about this teapot

185) I Have a Manning Boman & co Pat'D Jan 24 1899 With a 3 own the bottom could you tell me somthing about this teapot and about what it;s worth Thanks

184) hello, I hope you can help me i have been trying to find out about a tea pot whitch has been in my possetion for some time now.It is a GIBSONS STAFFORSHIRE,tea pot whitch has a gold lid,then it goes into a blue stripe that goes all around with pitures of a lady sitting under a tree then next to that is a large bush,then underneath the blue it goes gold again.there is also a small bit of gold writing stating 673,please if you could give me some kind of clue whether it has any value,or a i just holding onto a wourthless pot. thanks.

183) I'm trying to find info on a black/white with red bow ceramic cat teapot that I have. On the bottom it has W Germany with COR inside a circle with a crown on top. 6700 /A is also on the bottom. The cats front legs is the spout with the tail as a handle. I can send a picture if anyone needs it. I would like to get a history on this and if it is worth anything. Thank You,

182) I have a teapot that is shaped like an elephant and has a rataan handle and six cups all shaped like little elephants ....very old my husband drank hot chocolate out of them when he was little and he is deceased at 82...Made in Japan but looked like India elephants painted. just wonder the value of them

181) I was given a Wade “rubytone” hand painted teapot by my father who brought it with him from England 50 years ago. The teapot was a wedding present to his mother. It is Maroon and white in colour with gold painted leaves around the top half of the teapot. Can you tell me where I can get any information on the pot and what it may be worth to sell. Thanks for your help

180) I have a brass tea kettle w/burner on a black 3 footed metal stand-about 18'tall. The burner is marked pat Jan 12 1898. The pot is marked Trade Mark S & co with a large script S going thru the S & co. the swing handle part that hangs on the stand is wood and also the cover to the burner has a wood knob. Any info?

180A) Hello, I have a similar brass teapot on an elaborate burner stand, with the same markings. I am trying to find out who the maker is, but no luck so far. Have you any further information? Thanks,

179) I have recently purchased a tea set with matching dinnerware.It is stamped Handarbeit Bavaria Germany.It is 24 karat gold with a floral design on each piece.Does anybody out there know its value or any details on this company.Thanks

177) I would be very grateful if you could find a moment to look at the photo I am sending as an attachment . Could you possibly tell me how old it is and by which tin maker it has been produced. On the bottom of each piece it says: B.P.C. in a triangle in a circle and the text: Fine English Pewter Made by Craftsmen in Sheffield England
(Picture available upon request)

176) I have a tea set made by Barber Ellis could you please tell me a little bit about this silver tea set. When did Mr Ellis start making tea sets?

175) I acquired this item- a small teapot approx 3 inches high by spout to handle 6 1/2 inches. On Bottom is stamped J195, made by N. C. Joseph Ltd, Stratford-on-Avon England, Teapot S-1344. Any information or value
would be appreciated

174) We have a 3 piece set by Stratford-on-Avon, pitcher – marked J.576 and looks like a small creamer cup and small container to hold sugar. Can you tell us anything about it or direct us in the right direction

174B) I have the same set as the person who asked the question-NO.174) We have a 3 piece set by Stratford-on-Avon, pitcher – marked J.576 and looks like a small creamer cup and small container to hold sugar. Can you tell us anything about it or direct us in the right direction.

173) Hi. I have a green humpty dumpty tea pot there is a number on the bottom (ENGLAND Rd.830.104)He is sat on the top of the wall with legs daggling over silver outline/markings, would be interested in a value been in family for many years.

172) I have teapot made by Gibson & Sons "LEONA # 0363 .X. I would like to know an approx. value. Thank you.

171) We have a teapot, on the bottom it says WALBRZYCH, Made in Poland. It has like a squiggly W with a circle around it above the name and a mountain like design. It has a silver edge and the pattern is kind of a grey design with
small pink and blue flowers. We have the teapot, 12 cups, 11 saucers and a creamer and sugar bowl. We aquired the set 5 years ago on our honeymoon and decided to see if we could find the 12th saucer. When I found your sight, I thought I would find out if it is worth spending the time to find the extra saucer. Your assistance is greatly appreciated.

170) I found a chicken teapot at a sale on the bottom it reads M. Kamenstein, Inc. Taiwan. Mcmllxxxv11 .can you tell me what it is worth? thank you.

169) I recently purchased a tea set-pot, creamer, and sugar- pot has engraved "made in england" and "little old lady" their is also something engraved below like Mon and a number - also the I think it has the number 34 or w(something) in green on it- the sugar and creamer have a stamp "made in england" -- The only thing I have been able to find out about this is it was made in the 20th century. I did not see any answers to the others questions, but it seems we are all looking for the same thing. Can anyone give more information on this? my set in multicolored of an old lady.

168) We have a black teapot that we think is about 50 years or older. The tag says Price's National Teapots Burslem, England. It has a red flower on one side with gold around it and on the other side there are two of the same kind. there is a line of gold on each side of the handle, around the top, around the spout and on the handle of the lid. on the bottom it says Price bros. made in england and the numbers 1216 (all in gold). we have searched and cannot find any background on this piece. we were just wondering if you could estimate about how much it may be worth.

167) I aquired this teapot and matching measureing cups from a family yard sale. They were raising money to pay taxes to save there grandmothers house. I was going to send them to a friend for Christmas,but I thought they may be worth more, so that it may HELP this family out. .PLEASE can you help me The teapot is marked Thames painted in Japan Black face Clown and the measureing cups (4) are matching but marked TILSO. Please help me help this family. They are selling of all there grand mothers things and I don't have much time to try and help them Thank you.

166) question, along with answer below

165) Hello:I am searching for a particular teapot. It is from the "Pilgrims Progress Collection by Fitz and Floyd.
Can you help? Regards,

164) I have a green tea pot and cream and sugar called "little old lady" made in england and Reg #827653. I was wondering what the value of it would be.thanks

163) Hi.. My mother in law gave me 2 coffee cup and saucers with the Maddocks brand on the bottom.. The design is Mad 42. It is cream center with burgandy edge and gold print on it .. I would like to know if any one has any other pieces as I would love to make a set out of it.. thank you Janette

162) 61) question, along with answer below


161) I am a avid collector of unusal teapots and have never thought to get info on any of my pots. Is there a book I could get that might help me. I have one pot that was given to me by an old lady and she just liked the shape as a ornament the stamp on the bottom says 'Swan Brand - made in England - Swan Cromalin - doric ware' silver in colour but to me not very attractive is it worth anything or can I just throw it away. I would appreciate your help.
(Editors note: we have a link to a page with teapot books -

160) Hello, anyone having any information on Swan Bran Polished Aluminum Cream, Sugar and 1-1/2 Pint Teapot. Would greatly appreciate any information available as well as source.

159) My father-in-law gave us an old decorative tea set. It consists of Tea Pot,sugar bowl, creamer, 5 cups & saucers. It is mostly gold and each piece has a painting on it, including the centers of the saucers, of a man courting a woman in a park in various positons. It is made in Germany and my father in law says they had it a very very long time....Can you tell me anything about it?

158) I was wondering if you could help me with any information that you may know. The markings on the bottem are Gibbons Staffordshire England and what looks like in 782 over the figure 6. I am having difficulties finding out any info e.g age, is it worth anything, and does it comes with teacups, plates etc in the same set. Many thanks for any info you can give me

157) I have a complete and I mean complete setting of chinaware - "Dorset" made in England by Wood & Sons. Bottoms of setting shows Burslem - genuine, hand engraving, pattern under the glaze - acid and detergent proof. They are carefully wrapped up and protected and not one piece of any of the items, gravy boat, platter, teacups, saucers, salt and pepper shakers, etc has any flaws. Does anyone know of where I can find any info on these and what is old?
I am wondering what their worth would be now or actually any information at all on them. Thank you!

156) I am looking for a teapot and mugs made in England by Rustre Carltonware. The teapot and mugs have feet painted with shoes on the base of the teapot and mugs. Thank you.

155) I would like to know what this teapot is called. It is about a 6 cup nickel plated, has a stand and an alcohol burner with a little "pump" It does not swing over to pour, one would remove it to use it. It is dated 1892, no makers name. I would like an idea of value but am more interested in its name and how it was used. Maybe it's an early espresso! Initials on mark are MB & C. Manning and Bowman? Thanks

154) I am researching a piece of pottery for my mother. She is looking for the origin and alue of a teapot that has the following type markings on the bottom: ENGLAND (impressed block letters) LEONA x387 (handwritten) (crown with banner logo underneath that says GIBSON AND SONS LTD) BURSLEM ENGLAND RAN 750943 Can you tell me anything about this piece? Particularly what she should sell it or auction it for?Thank you so much!

153) I would like to find out how much my tea set is worth. It is a 24 kt. gold Handarbeit tea set, made in Bavaria Germany.

152) We found a a burslem england teapot in the trash. it says gibson & sons limted has RdNo 697599 on it with raised flowers and emblem like a queens crown. its a dark brown with 8 octagon shapes with gold trim. on the lip it
has leafs and fowers raised trim in gold in all the squares have a design but one. Thank you for your help

151) I have a teddy bear teapot that my daughter gave me several years ago. I'm sure that it was inexpensive, but I broke the lid and would like to replace it. It is a bear in a red & blue band uniform with yellow straps & cuffs. The lid is the head of a teddy bear with a red band hat. There are no markings. Any help would be appreciated.

150) I recently obtained a wire teapot at a yardsale. It is flat on the backside and has a hook on the top so it can be hung on the wall..and things can be put in can also be placed on a counter. it measures about 9 and 1/4 tall by
6 inches across at the top of the teapot and 7 inches across at the bottom. The top edge of the teapot and the bottom that it sits on are woven in straw around the black wire. I would love to find another one for a close friend of mine that shares teas with me a lot..but haven't been able to find one..if you know where to find one, please let me know.

148) I am looking for a taxi cab teapot can you help

147) I have a set of 6 cups, 6 plates, teapot/coffee pot. It is white with either silver or peweter inlaid in the white china. It is marked with a crown, Bareuther, Bavaaria, Waldesser. Any info would be appreciated.

146) Hi Many years ago I purchased a teapot that depicted an old woman on chair surrounded by five different colored cats. I just accidentally broke part of it and am quite upset. On the piece the only information was Lotus made in china. They also made a Teacher's teapot showing a teacher with a student. I do not own that one. I think they may be located in Texas but I am not sure. I would greatly appreciate any info.

145) Dear Sir, I am writing from Buenos Aires Argentina. I have a teapot that is inscribed in it's base "LITTLE OLD LADY" Reg N° 827653 MADE IN ENGLAND MADE IN GREAT BRITAIN.It does not have music. I would like to know the year it was made, the name of the manufacturer, and its actual value. Thank you. Carmelo.

144) I bought a teapot today on a EPNS stand it has BPC 1849 on the bottom. What is this?

143) Have an aluminum teapot made by NCJ Ltd. at The Aluminum Works, Stratford-On-Avon, #S-1345 also a J.526 appears above the company name. The pattern is very unusual - sort of tropical plantish (if that makes sense). Does anyone know where I can get this appraised. Not sure if it is worth anything, but have never seen another one like it.

142) Hi. I inherited a Mother Goose figurine by Shafford. I know they were making porcelain figurines in the 1950's. I believe they had a series of Nursery Rhyme figurines, besides Mother Goose. Does anything know any history on the company and what figurines were in the Nursery Rhyme series? Thank you.

141) I'm looking for an elephant teakettle. I think Kamenstein Novelteas made one, but seems to have been discontinued. Do you know where I could find such a teakettle? I saw it years ago and didn't purchase it. When I returned to the store, it was no longer there.

141a) I too am looking for Kamenstein's elephant teakettle. I used to have one but I broke it. Has there been any luck yet looking for it?

140) I understand there is a presiden ronald Reagan teapot that was produced some time ago where can i get one and what is the value ?

139) I have a ornate carousel porcelain/ceramic? teapot with no makers mark. It has a gilt gold finial-type knob on top with gold and red wide big-top type stripes on the lid. it has a transfer pattern of 3 children (American, I think) riding carousel horses repeated on either side. It has gold gilding on spout and handle, as well as scroll-gilding completely around top and bottom of entire pot. Would appreciate any info!!

138) My 77 year old mother gave me a teapot that was originally given to her by her mother. The teapot is made of china/ceramic??, is yellow in color & has markings on the bottom that say "5F USA". Can you tell me what the value is of this teapot??

137) question, along with answer below

136) OK...This is about a tea-cup...but if you have some time I would really appreciate it. I have spent countless hours trying to find out about some of my Mom's tea cups I have inherited. It is a very ornate cup. It is tourqoise blue with gold design and the inside of the cup is totally lined with gold. The mark on the bottom is a large gold shield with two swords and the letters RKW. Underneath the shield is Bavaria made in Germany.

135) Hi, recently purchased a teapot at an antique shop. It's a Swan Brand, 6 cup that says The Carlton and made in England. I'd like to find more information on it's history and possibly how to clean it up because it's aluminum. Any help would be appreciated.

134) Hello! I purchased an unusual Gibsons (Staffordshire) teapot at auction
and would appreciate any information. The lid, spout, handle and half of the bottom are a chrome-silver, and the top half is dark brown with a white raised "Greek-style" pattern of a man with an angel in a chariot repeated twice, and a seated woman with an angel child repeated four times. It is marked "X694 2" or "XC94 2" in silver on the bottom,
along with the Gibsons stamp.

133) Because I like weird objects, ,a friend of my gave me a white and black cow tea pot or tea maker. I would like to know more information about it.M. Kamenstein, Inc Taiwan Kamenstein US and Foreing Patents Pending MCMXCII
Thank You.... Merceditz

132) I have purchased a teapot made in 1983 Japan "Rondo" rose in color has the
name gailstyn-sutton do you know if this would have any value its in perfect condition. Thank you for your time

131) I have in my possession, in perfect condition, an Arthur Wood & Son Staffordshire, England Est. 1884 Reg. # 6490. White with small roses and gold trim. Can anyone tell me anything about this teapot?

130) Hello I have, i think, a Takahashi Porcelain Cat Teapot. It is signed, (by that i mean it has an oriental stamp) but the teapot also says that it was hand painted in Macau in a King's stamp. It is painted very light green, like jade, and appears to be a Tom Cat who has caught a fish. The teapot was given to me as a present 15 years ago.
I would like to know more about it. Why i think it is Takahashi is because it is similar to another light green teapot I saw on the website 209 Collectible Street. thank you for any assistance

129) I have a sugar bowl & creamer in excellent condition. The bottom has a painted identification of "Favorite" Bavaria with a red symbol. Can you tell me how old it is? I would describe the creamer as light blue & white with little blue flowers with a gold band around the center and a gold handle. The sugar bowl is matching with gold handle on the lid with gold handle on both sides. Painted on the bottom is a wreath surrounding the word "royal". Thank you so much for your time

128) Hello; I have a tea pot that is copper/wood/pewter and metal that has this information on the bottom: Manning Bowman & Co., Merdien, Conn., 3, Pat'd Jan 24, 1899. I aslo own a tae pot that has the follwoinf on the bottom: Gorham, 26, E P, silver soldered, 04553, 8 oz. Do you have information on either of these family items? We're
interested in their history, value.

127) I have a teapot but have not come across it om the net yet I got it about 40years ago from a old man i used to clean for And he was about 60 then and it was his mothers before that The teapot is a brown elephant and on the lid there is a african or something and i dont no any more about it only that it is old And i also have a teapot that is green light green that is And it is trimmed with real gold It is colonial style Very pretty but that is all i no about it also Would you beable to tell me anything about the two off them thanks

126) I am getting ready to sell a teapot by Cardew and I do not know it's name it is a market stall but not the royal daulton- it has tea for sale and says "woodmanton finst tea" and at the top of it sayd "home sweet Home" and it has an extra piece that has an oxford dictionary on it! Could you tell me the name of that teapot?

125) I have a airplane teapot with T-44 on it. Any infor or idea what it is worth? Thanks

124) I have a musical teapot it's a little old lady she has a green hat with flowers on it, her hair is blue, she has on a burgundy and green cape with blue ties. It looks like her shirt was yellow her skirt is purple and she carries a yellow purse and a yellow umbrella. I have been told the music that iss played is Little Old Lady Dressed In Blue. on the bottom of this teapot it says REG No 827653. Inside the lid of this pot is a mark like an R. Could you tell me if this is an antique where/when it was made and how much it is worth?

123) hello i have 2 teapots that i am trying to find the value. One is called Ye Daintee ladyee regdno.824571.
the other one is a gibson but don't know what the no.A672p means. Please can you help?

122) I have a single service silver teapot that has a stand with a vine running up it. There is a reservoir with a wick in it, about 1-2 oz. in size, for heating purposes, at the base of the stand. The pot has a N&W logo and then
what appears to be a set of 4 English characters but they do not fit what I have read. Does anyone know anything about it?

121) Hi I need to know about a ceramic teapot I have found . Its brown with a strange white lid with berries and a leaf on top of the lid . Its only markings say made in england P & K . Im not interested in selling I just want to know if its worth anything and maybe its back ground . All help would be greatly appreciated

120) I have a teapot that has the boys arm as the handle and a pig for the spout. Any information would be great. Thank you

119) I am looking for a teapot. The pattern is English Village made by the Salem China Company, Salem, England. On the bottom is finest english ironstone hand engraved underglaze permanent colour. I was told late 1800's, early 1900's but found it was made in the 1950's. If you could help me or know of anyone who could, I would appreciate a reply. Thanks

118) I have a tea set market BETSON HAND PAINTED - made in Japan with a raised dragon on it. Do you have any idea of the worth . Oh the handle is gold. Thanks you.

117) an elderly lady 87 gave me an ugly green teapot the head shape of an old grandma with a bun hairdo and a spiral wire handle made in japan. could you tell me anything about it? thank you

116) question, along with answer below

115) question, along with answer below

114) I have a teapot that is white with gold flowers, gold handle and gold spout and gold around the top edge. It is marked Gibsons Staffordshire England with a T27D painted in gold. Do you know anything about this model?

113) Hello! I am looking for a royal albert teapot in the serenity pattern.Any help would be appreciated.preciate all responses, and will forward them on as appropriate (please include the question number in your response).

112) I have a teapot a small teapot with sugar and creamer. It is blue with a gold band at the top and bottom. On the blue around the pieces it is raised and looks like a lady sitting next to a tree. The raised part is white. On the bottom in gold it looks like the #672 0r 612. Gibson Staffordshire England. Can you give me approximate age .

111) I have a teapot named The Pub. It was produced by Christopher Wren for Staffordshire. It is marked China. If anyone has information regarding this teapot I would greatly appreciate your help.

110) I have what appears to be a mallard tea pot that is off-white in the background, and many blue designs. The only thing that puzzles me is there is a hole on top on the back, there is no lid, this is in one piece, no breaks or cracks and is made in China. The handle loops from the back behind the small hole in the top to below the tail. Can you tell me what this piece is and maybe what its worth??? Its 7 1/4 wide and 5 1/2 inches high to the head, and 6 from the bottom to the top of the handles. The handle sits higher.

109) Hi There - I wondering if you could tell me how many teapots were made by Sigma for Kliban & how many teapots were made for Takahashi for Tom Cat design and any other similar looking cat teapots?
Thanks for any help.

108) I have a Teapot produced by GIbsons Staffordshire England serial number w102m or w1023. Bought in the U.S.A. in the early 1970's. Can you please give me some information about Gibsons. Thanks.


107) question, along with answer below


106) Hello:I have been searching for a teapot. My mother is from England her favorite teapot is worn out. I looked at the bottom and here is what it said. Swan Bran, Swawn Cromalin, The Carlton, 8 cup tea pot.
Could you tell me where i could purchase one?? Thank you in advance for your help.

105) I have an old teakettle by M. Kamenstein, the design is "Quackers". It is dark green with a duck head. I would like to replace it or another one that has a duck. Please contact me with any information

104) question, along with answer below

103) I am searching for a cat tea pot and creamer. The bottom is marked Japan. They are white with green markings, pink collar with bow. I am interested in any other pieces that may be available. I am also very
interested in receiving any information regarding this set. I believe they were made in the 50's.

102) Hi,Do you know where I can get a kettle that whistles the bagpipes when it boils? Thank you

101) I am looking for information on the Betson Company, Bavaria Germany. I recently received a stunning green dragon tea service that is handpainted Betson. But I can not find any information regarding the company. Could you point me in the right direction. Thank you.

100) hi, i bought a teapot for my wife in a antique store in tomball tx. the lady said it was over a 100 yrs old; the only marking is a red crown on bottom.the pot is apprx. 8" tall 31/2" in dia.with pink and yellow roses
on one side and flowers and gold design around the top.all work appearsto be hand painted.i think i can provide a photo if requested.i would appreciate any help from anyone.thank you

99) Today I purchase a teapot at a flea market with the bottom markings of : "B1 Swan Brand Made in England Swan-Cromalin-1 6 Cups The Carlton" can you please possibly tell me how to find out its value ? This teapot is beyond excellent condition. Thank you

98) I just got back ( to the usa) from the uk . I picked up a S&W teapot, on the bottom of it ,it has P4 1 1\2 pints, and the handle is bakelite. They stopped making thing of bakelite in the 1930,s .can someone tell me about the teapot. Thanks,Simone

97) I have 2 teasets made in Poland. The first set is yellow/gold marble look outside with a pictur of a Japanese man and woman. It is WALBRZYCH. The marking is a zigzag with a circle in the middle which has6 loops in a circle. The second set has a marking of a circle of loops with a solid circle inside and a capital B inside that. I would like to find out how old they are and what their value would be. Thank you

96) I have a brown teapot with orange,white,blue flowers and gold lines. The list has the words: For Democray and Liberty. The bottom has a shield with a lion and a bulldog and "World War II" and "Make in England". Any information is appreciated.
96A) I was interested in Question #96 on your site. I have a similar teapot. It is brown, with gold lines. It has orange and pink flowers and lavender bows, apparently hand painted. The lid says "For USA Britain and Democracy" on the outside. The Bottom has a rope tied in a loose knot. In one area of the knot is a British flag, in another area is an animal that may be a lion. In the top of the knot are the words "Made in England." Also on the bottom appear the words "World War II" and "Escorted to United States by the Allied Fleets." I would be interested in any information you have about this teapot.
96B) I have a brown teapot similar to those described in inquires numbered 96 and 96A My teapot is dark brown with cherries and leaves on three sides. The lid has For England and Democracy and the bottom has World War II, British Flag, made in England and a lion surrounded by a rope design. Also the words Escorted to USA by Royal Navy and #417 C/J. I would be interested in any information about this teapot including market value.

95) Have you heard of Delang Studios? Are they still in business? How old is an enamel/granitewear tea kettle by Delang Studios? If you can answer any of these questions I would be greatly apprecative?

94) I have a teapot that reads ton the pipers son patented u s a 44. It is a chubby boy with a yellow hat and a pig head for the spout. Any info would be appreciated .

93) Any information you can find on our "Village Cottage Tea Set" by the "Price Brothers" made in England. We have a multi piece set: Tea pot w/lid, sugar & creamer w/lids, canisters w/lids, 4 cups w/tray, and salt & pepper shakers w/tray. These form into connecting huts/houses with straw roofs that make into a village. We believe it might be from the early 1900's.

92) Hello , I recently got this tiny tea pot and not sure of its woth.Its a cream colored pot with gold trim and a design of a flower on one side and something else with a japan symbol in the middle.On the bottom of this is T73 4, Gibsons,Staffordshire England.I would appreciate it if i could could some info on this piece

91) I have an item that is either a tea pot or a coffee pot. It is dark brown and half way down the pot it has a textured look to it. On the bottom is a crown with Gibsons Staffordshire England on it. I am very interested in finding out if there are any other pieces with it and how much it is worth.

90) We found a tea kettle at an auction. The body is the normal shaped kettle, but wings of a chicken are painted on the sides in black and white and the tail feather is painted on the end of the handle and the spout cover is shaped like a rooster head. Stamped on the bottom of the kettle is M. Kamenstein, Inc., Taiwan. Copyrighted MCMLLXXXVII. If you could find any information on this tea kettle I would greatly appreciate it.

89) I am looking for a standard teapot that fits inside an insulated rattan container. Can you help me find one Thank you

88) I have a 4 peice silver plated tea service. It was made by ROYAL MFG CO. I belive that its very old. I'm trying to find out about it .Thanks for your help.

87) I am looking for a russian artist named Zayteeva that has an incredible teapot, cream and sugar piece for sale. I was in New York last week and wish I would have bought it. It was an art deco style. FABULOUS!!! Anyone out there know where I can find this person?

86) Hi, I Recently broke the lid of a teapot that was purchased 15 years ago for £150. It is quite large and has delicate flowers on it with gold edging. It is predominantly white and the flowers are white graduating to pink, then some gold edging to them. I need to try and get an insurance quote. Thanks for any help.

85) I am trying to find information on the following teapot. I have a Swan-Cromalin teapot, 6 cups Reg Des 870521 Willow ware. It has a polished chrome finish with raised asian motif of residential houses on the exterior,
with a black top. Anyone having any technical information(ie materials date of origin, value ) it would be greatly appreciated.

84) My Grandma gave me an oriental designed tea set. The tea set consists of one tea pot w/lid, creamer, sugar bowl w/lid, five cups & saucers. Each of the items have black paint border with gold trim and a dragon on one side. I would like to have some background info. on it and it's value. Note: "HAND PAINTED BETSON" Is under each piece.

83) Hi, I would like some information about Lingard & Webster. I have an old teapot, creamer & sugar bowl. The set is heart shaped and gilt edged with gilt flowers on three sides. One face has a handpainted lady having tea in a garden. Can anyone help. Many thanks

82) I have a dark brown glaze teapot with wire handle. The pot has no markings on it and appears to be old. It has a sea shell design around the top of the pot in the same brown glaze color and the top has a shell design on the
knob. Any information you can provide would be appreciated

81) I have a Gibsons Staffordshire England teapot with the marking of number w955a in gold on the bottom. This teapot has a gold handle , spout and handle on lid. The design on the pot is of fruit around the middle of the teapot and on the lid which includes a pear, apple, grapes and cherries all of which is along a vine with leaves and one white flower. The bottom of this teapot looks to be of a pale lime color. Also where the opening of the teapot where the lid sits there is a line of gold around it. I have had this teapot for around 20 years and prior to that my grandmother had it before she passed. So I don't know how old it is. I was wandering if you could tell me about how old this teapot is and its value if anything. Thank you.

80) I have a Townshed and Company Brass? teapot - on a stand to pour from or lift. Does anyone have an idea of the value. Thank you.

79) I have inherited a teapot that we believe to be over 100 years old. It is very dark brown with an ornate silver overlay pattern resembling a floral crest. It is stamped ENGLAND and we can barely make out the word GIBSON'S. Any information on this company would be appreciated!

78) My mother was recently given a tea pot, creamer and sugar set by a woman that is now 93 years old. She said it had belonger to her mother. It is gold and has stamped on the bottom "warrantied 202 22 c gold" . Could you possibly tell me any information on this set.

77) Please can you help as I wish to find out the approximate value of this a Gibson staffordshire, English tea set, marked number W554 in gold. (NOTE: It has never been used, and it still has the ORIGINAL crown crest sticker on it! The sticker is in the shape of the crown, light light blue\green, and has on it GIBSONS in capitals and large print. Then Staffordshire England, in smaller print. Then in capitals World Famous English Teapots. I have the tea pot, sugar bowl and cream jug in this set.

76) Hi! I recently received a teapot and even though its lid is missing, I am interested in knowing more about its history. It is a dark brown color with a gold vine pattern. There are flowers on the vine - they are white, orange and light blue and they are raised dots. There is a gold line around the edge and down the sides of the spout. There seems to be a stamp in the bottom like a capital C and below that ENGLAND. There is also a stamp in gold - it looks like a crown over a ribbon. In the ribbon it says GIBSON & SONS LTD. Under that is has Burslem England and below that in a box is the following numbers/letters R N 214109. I think the last number is a 9 but it might be an 8. Also, there is a symbol after the R and the N that looks like a small o with a line under it written in super script My mother she thinks this belonged to her Aunt but she isn't sure. If anyone has any information on this I would really enjoy it.

75) I am in search of directions on how to make an indoor water foutain using teapot and old dishes. If you know where I could find such information please let me know

74) I'm looking for a replacement lid for the Arthur Wood teapot #5268 or just a replacement of the whole pot w/lid

73) Hello, Some time ago I was sent a catalog in the mail, which had a carosel teapot. The horses actually circled the teapot & moved as the steam came out. Have you ever seen a teapot as I have described or are you able to help
me locate one? Thanks for your help.

72) I have a teapot with a pig face and a clown hat. It has Pied Piper 44 engraved on the bottom. It is pottery. It was my Mother's. Do you have any idea how old it is or it's value. Any help would be appreciated. thank you.

71) I would appreciate any information you can provide regarding the following teapot: "Advance" Gibson and Sons LTD Burslem England RaNo 711216 There is a marking on hte botton that almost appears to be handwrittten that
says "0357 lv" Beneath that at the edge of the botton is what looke like a number 1 in single quotes, e.g., '1' The pot is dark brown with gold trim and goldish-brown design. Painted on top of the design are white, turquoise and orange "dots". Any information that can be provided will be appreciated.

70) I have a tea pot"Coronia RuNo 697599, serial # 0275B color brown with raised flowers" by Gibson & sons, Burslem, England, I would appreciate it if you can place a value. Thank You

69) Hi! I was at a friend's home the other evening and she showed me a teapot with a creamer and sugar bowl that was titled "Little Old Lady". It had a registration number on it of 827653 (or 827655) and "made in England" on the bottom as well. I was wondering if you have ever seen one or have any information on it ? Thank you for your assistance

68) Do you know how many nursery rhyme teapots Lingard made in the 1930 - 1950's? I have Old Woman Who Lived In a Shoe, Humpty Dumpty, and Mary Had A Little Lamb.

67) I have a rather large penguin shaped teapot. He is wearing a white tux shirt, 3 black dots for buttons and a bow tie. Underneath it says "Made in England P & K". I can't find any info on it as for age and worth or other history. Can any one help me?

66) Do you know where I could buy a John Bull teapot and how much it costs?

65) I have a teapot. It is porcelin. It is etched in gold (I believe it is gold). The design is an outdoor Japanes theme with 2 women, in kimonas, on one side of the pot and a mountain scene on the othe side. The logo on the bottom looks like a flower blossum. I can not locate any other marks that look like writing or letters. I believe tha pottery is American or possible English. It is a beautiful piece. I aquired it at a garage sale in California about 12-15 years ago. The seller thought it was Kutani pottery. Any information is appreciated.

64) In Australia I have been collecting Swan Brand Teapots.I have a small collection.They appear to be made of aluminium.Most households have one of these well loved teapots.They have different shapes and engravings.One set has the name "The Carlton" "Empire" etc. Trouble is that I want to know more about these teapots,cannot seem to find any information regarding Swan Enterprises and/or a catalogue to date or value these teapots. Any info appreciated.

63) I am looking for whimical teapots by John Goth. I saw these teapots in a gift store in Seattle. They no longer carry them. Thanks

62) I was hoping you could help me find something about a teapot from England. It is a Coronia Teapot make by Gibson & Sons. It is black and has like painted flower made of dots with gold out lining. There is a Reg. No. 697599 on the bottom. Could you tell me when it was made and what it goes for and any information you have on it. Thank You.

61) question, along with answer below


60) Please can you give an approximate value of a Lingard teapot that is in the shape of the old woman who lived in a shoe. Thanks

59) I have a teapot with two minatures. The minatures are actually salt and pepper shakers. All 3 pieces are painted to resemble a person of color. They have a wire type handle for pouring. They have hats. The sticker on the bottom is blue with silver writing that says Thames. I have another set that are painted like elephants. Any idea where I can get information or find out the value. Thanks

58) I am looking for a tea pot it's called Arthur wood and son Staffordshire, England est 1884 (Stock # 6581) I think please let me know where i can purchase one

57) I am trying to locate J. Bailey Tea pots from England. . .Would you kindly let me know where I can reach the company ? I would appreciate it very much

56) I have a small teapot that is blue and white. The handle is a dragon with it's wings over the body of the teapot. The spout is a Chinese pheasant(I think). It has the lid to it. The entire pot measures less than 6" tall and approx. 5.5" around. The markings on the bottom are in a blue square and look like some kind of oriental markings. The pot is porcelain. I have looked in all types of collector books but have been unable to find out anything.Can you and would you offer any information you may have.Thanks, Brenda

55) I have a similar request to one already posted. I am looking for a Swan Brand teapot. It has "Swan Cromalin, The Carlton, 6 cups" on the base. It is silver in colour with a black handle and is engraved with a floral design. It is part of a set with matching sugar bowl etc., owned by my Mother and I would like to replace the teapot after approx 40yrs daily service, Does anyone know if they are still available. Many thanks.

54) Have teapot that looks "squashed" and is decorated as if gold nuggets have been pressed into it. No markings. Inside white. 4-6 inches tall old. Can anyone give me info on this teapot?

53) I have a teapot made in Japan, and handpainted by Betson. It has flowers and gold trim on it. It plays "Tea For Two." Can anyone give me info on this teapot?

52) Is there any value to a table lamp that looks like a tea pot?

51) I have a large collection of teapots from new to old. The Teapots that I am interesting in knowing about or Arthur Wood and Son, Statffordshire, England Est.1884. Each teapot has a number on the bottom. They are 6304 and 6453. I am having a hard time finding the value of these teapots. Could you help me. Thank You

50) I have a set of black cat head teapots with a "N" inside a circle, can you tell me who made them. Thank you

49) I was given a teapot by a friend who stated that the it was made during the depression era and was an antique. It has Price Brothers stamped on the bottom circled by what appears to be leaves and syas "England" under the stamp. Can someone tell me anything about "Price Brothers" teapots, and the time period they were popular.

48) I am searching for a Strawberry Teapot. I must say, you do have a beautiful collection, but I am seaching specifically for a Strawberry Teapot.

47) I have a black teapot with gold wreath patterns and raised flowers in white, turquoise, and coral on it. On the bottom it says Coronia, Gibson & Sons Ltd. Burslem, England. RuNo. 697599. I have no idea when it was made. Any information at all would be greatly appreciated

46) I have a teapot with two minatures. The minatures are actually salt and pepper shakers. All 3 pieces are painted to resemble an African American. They have a wire type handle for pouring. They have hats. The sticker on the
bottom is blue with silver writing that says Thames. I have another set that are painted like elephants. Any idea where I can get information or find out the value. Thanks

45) My mother has an old Tea Pot - Swan Brand. It is silver and has engravings on it. It is very old. We would like to buy another but have had problems finding one. Do you know where we could find one.

44) I am looking for a teapot I saw in a tearoom that unfortunately wasn't for sale. It was a decorative ceramic teapot, with a heart cut out of the front and back so you could see the chimes hanging from the inside from the lid.
The chimes were electronic and were set off by motion. If you know of any such item I would appreciate you letting me know.

43) I have been trying to find information on a teapot that I have that is over 100 year old. Its brown with a face that looks like the old mad magazine character. It does not have any markings that I can find. I have not been able to find anything like it. If there is any information you can give me as to where to look for info.

42) I'm looking for 2 teapots; perhaps you can assist me. One is fashioned like a motorcycle with a man riding & a very sexy girl behind him. Essentially you pick it up by wrapping your hand around her torso. The other teapot is a guitar next to an amp.

41) I am in search of Micholas Moss Teapots. If you could give me any information it would be greatly appreciated

40) I am looking for a supplier of Arthur Wood and Staffordshire (Crown Dorset) porcelain teapots and bone china teacups.

39) I am looking for a mallard duck teapot. I understand one is made by Staffordshire in Britain. Any idea how I could get one.

38) question, along with answer below

37) I am trying to locate a musical teapot, preferably with flowers on it. Can you help locate such an item?

36) question, along with answer below

35) I'm searching for non-southern African American teapots

34)I'm looking for a Pear Shaped or Pear Motif Teapot. Please advise.

33) I'm looking for a cute bunny teapot! Just a single bunny, like the other animal teapots you carry. Seen one

32) question, along with answer below

31) Looking for GANTZ ware, hopefully for complete set of same. Can you direct me

30) Do you have any Fitz & Floyd teapots? Kitty kats or similar

29) question, along with answer below

28) I am looking for a teapot for Christmas. It has a small "pot" on top with a lid for brewing your tea and the bottom is for water. It looks like a big teapot with a smaller one on top. Any idea where I could find one.

27)I am looking for teapots with a southwestern theme: teepees, cowboys, Indians, horses, guns, etc. Any information or assistance you can provide will be greatly appreciated.

26) We are looking for a diner motif teapot for a friend for her birthday. Do you know where we can find such an item.

25) question, along with answer below

24) My Aunt is looking for a Dog Shaped Teapot or Kettle.

23) I am looking for a turkey teapot, do you know where I can find one.

22) Am looking for a teapot or small teapot set that is shaped like a storybook character or subject of story, I.e. Pumpkin teapot w/4 matching cups, teapot & cup in one, Cinderella - I saw them at a Hallmark store, but they only had the two and they were damaged. These were not the miniature sets, but smaller than normal size.

21) I am searching for teapots and teacups with thistles on them. Can you help me?

20) Looking for tea pots from the renaissance era? I found one in Bermuda and haven't seen it since

19) I'm looking for a Carter teapot called a caravan teapot made about 8 years ago. Any help finding one would be so wonderful.

18) I am looking for a plain china teapot that hold about 4 cups but, most important, that has a lid design that does not crash to the floor...something where the lid is held captive when you pour it.

17) Could you tell me where she might be able to find a "juke box," "Civil War," or "Christmas ball" teapot?

16) question, along with answer below

15) I was given a teapot set in 1987 signed by the crafter Kate Spademan. Have you ever heard of her or could you guide me to where I might find out more information.

14) I am helping a friend search for a musical teapot. It's been a while since any of these were made. If you have any or know of a place that does, please let me know.

13) question, along with answer below

12) I am looking for a teapot that comes with a fine mesh strainer inside. A friend of mine brought one back from Japan and I have been looking for one like it. Hers happens to be porcelain. Would you by chance know where I could find one?

11) question, along with answer below
10) question, along with answer below .
9) question, along with answer below

8) I recently purchased a teapot in an antique shop and it has a stamp in the bottom saying "Made in Poland", and it has the number 15 stamped on it too. There is also a mark that looks something like a tulip with an ornate character that looks like a P, and an = on the left and a - on the right. I was wondering if you might recognize this mark and have any information about it. Or, if not, do you know where I can do more research on this?

7) question, along with answer below

6)I have a teapot that I received from my Aunt. I know nothing about it. I am wondering if you could tell me anything at all. It is a Gibson and Sons Ltd. Reg No 697599 made in Berslam England. It is black with what appears to be hand painted balls outlined in gold designs. It stands about 5 inches in height. Thank You,

5) question, along with answer below

4) I have a BRASS teakettle at home that I'm not sure about. It has an alcohol burner under it and the tea kettle its self either lifts off to pour from or sits on the stand and pours. The company name on it is 'Manning & Bowman". Can you give me any information on this? If I'm not mistaken, my Grandfather got this as payment while operating a store about 50 years ago.

3) Hi, I have a teapot that I was wondering if you can tell me anything about. I'm interested in having in an auction and I don't have any idea how much to ask. Is is ceramic with gold, black and burnt orange paintings. It is sitting on a raised saucer. Please see the picture attached. On the bottom of the teapot is engraved in all capital letters "ENGLAND". Then in gold paint (hand-written) it says 969 and what looks like a 4 under that? ANY INFO AT ALL IS SO MUCH APPRECIATED!

2) Hi I don't know if you can help me. I am looking for a new teapot. My mother has an old one about 25-30 years old. Could you tell me where I could get it. The Brand name is: Swan Brand, Swan-Cromalin-1, 8 cups, The carlton.

1) Do you know where I could find information old table lamps teapots?






 Thanks for your help
Some answers from our customers.


General Answer: Re SWAN brand teapots:
This site can help those looking for "Swan" information - but does not give values etc. - ALSO - There are always lots of Swan Brand teapots and tea sets for sale on eBay)


Q-5) I'm looking for a teapot with the theme of "Noah's Ark." Any suggestions about where to find this would be greatly appreciated

A-5 Response)
The English novelty teapot company Cardew make a Noah's Ark Collectable Limited Edition Teapot, therefore it is rather expensive - 350 English Pounds. You can check out their site at Good Luck!

7Q) I am looking for Fitz & Floyd's St. Basil's Cathedral teapot.

7A) I have a Fitz & Floyd St. Basil's Cathedral teapot that I am willing to sell. If you are still looking for one. (note: we forwarded the info)


Q-9) I have a Tom Cat Teapot I got from a flea market...he is striped black and white has a white and red tie...and weird expression.. can you tell me anything about him.. Also I have an old German made I think...small clown head on top of the teapot with a pig spout...said it was made from The Piper's Son.

A-9) Response)
Hi, Sounds like you might have a Kliban cat teapot made by Sigma in the 1970s, if so they are highly collectible.A Tom the Pipers Son teapot was made by Shawnee in the 1950s. Visit our website for interesting Japanese collectibles including Shaffordshire black cat teapots.

Q-10) I have a very old teapot that is made in England by a Lingard Webster? Have you ever heard of this person or business? It is a Yellow Old Woman in a shoe teapot as well as the creamer and sugar bowl I am trying to find out something about it. It was a hand me down collectable.

A-10) Response
It was made between 1935 - 1955, by the Lungards & Webster Co.

Q-11) I'm trying to reach Richard Parrington Designs in England.

A-11) Response:
In response to the person that was trying to contact Richard Parrington.......Parrington's are no longer in business. The company went broke a few years back now. I live in Whitstable ,which is where The Parrington factory was.
On the plus side ......Rivchard Parrington's partner has started his own business and they are making really good teapots.

Q-13) I am looking for the Humpty Dumpty Tea Pot. Can you tell me anything about this teapot.

A-13) Response
Regarding humpty dumpty teapot. I run a national Club for Humpty Dumpty collectors and perhaps I can help her. There are MANY humpty dumpty teapots. Visit our web site -> Humpty Dumpty Club

Q-16) I'm looking for a teapot water fountain. Seen one in a store but was not for sale it was a gift to the owner

A-16) Response
In answer to #16 looking for a teapot fountain I have seen one at this website

Q25) Hi I have a teapot that I have had for about 15 years. It was given to me when I was a child from and old lady that said it was given to her when she was a child. It doesn't have a designer's name on it, it just has a number. Rec no 827653. The teapot is and old lady that has a shawl wrapped around her shoulders and holding a umbrella and has the musical wind up on the bottom. I have searched everywhere trying to find out if this is a collectable but I haven't had any luck sure hope you can help me.

A25) I have found some information concerning the teapot in question #25. It was made by H. J. Woods of stoke on Trent and it has a Thorens Swiss Musical Movement.

Q29) If you run into a slot machine teapot...let me know.
A29) I have a perfectly Mint Fitz and Floyd Teapot slot machine I would like to sell (we forwarded the info on...)

Q-32) We are looking for a novelty teapot that has the royal albert old country roses pattern on a table cloth with a place setting on the top of the tea pot

A-32) Response
Cardew have teapots you describe, with several different Royal Doulton patterns on the tablecloth and tea settings on the lid. Cardew can be found on the internet - Good Luck!

Q-36) Looking for a carousel teapot thanks

A-36) Response
I found a tea kettle that has carousel horses that move when the water boils - It is made by Kamenstein and I found it for sale at

Q-38) A few months ago while watching a Home & Garden show they featured teapots that moved when the water boiled for example a merry go round. I believe the manufacturers name started with a K if you can help me locate this company or if you have any info it would be a big help.

A-38) Response
asked about the carousel tea kettle - it is made by Kamenstein and it is for sale at

Q-61) I have a minture metal tea strain , in the shape of a teapot. It sits on a petal shape dish ( ie you put one tea spoon of tea in it , lift the chain that sits inside the teapot and put it in your cup). It stands about 1 inch tall to the same in width , made out of stainless steel I have never seen a tea strain like this before and I am wondering if you have any info on it . .Thank you

A-61) Response
On viewing some of your questions I seen one asking about a small stainless steel teaholder My husband's employer brought me one back from a trip he made to Hyafa Israel and said that they use it to make tea

Q-104) My wife just purchased a Black Clown Face Teapot,that has 4 cups with it.The bottom said it was
manufactured by Thames.I would like any information pertaining to Teapot. Thank-you

A-104)-Response 1)
I am responding to question 104, I just bought one myself and dont have a clue about this piece. mine does not have cups, It has yellow hair and a red clown nose ,and an old handle. If you have found anything out about this piece i would love to know.)
A-104)-Response 2)
i have a clown teapot with the sugar and creamer smaller clowns by snyder, its made in thames, hand painted in japan. find the collector's encyclopedia of cookie jar book II . it is listed in there.
(Editors note: we have a link to a page with collectors encyclopedias -


107Q) I have a swan cromalin 6 cups tea pot and would like to know where another one could be purchased. My grandmother brought it from England in 1951. The bottom has REG. DES. 870521 imprinted on it. Also imprinted is WILLOW WARE. It is chrome with a black lid and black handle. My mother had one and it is starting to deteriorate on the spout, and I would like to surprise her with another one. Does anyone know if these tea pots are still available? Where can they be purchased?

107A) I am pleased to inform you that I can supply the person with One Willo Ware Reg Des 870521 in good condition.

Q-115) I'm looing for a Japanese made teapot. i've been told it is called Soma ware and is no longer being made. It is a predominately a celedon green with crackle glaze and decorated with a darkish, greyish band. It is double-walled and has small almost heart shaped cutouts around the side which are edged with gold, also gold edging around rims of cups. I have about 9 cups and cream & sugar pitchers--no markings on bottom. Thanks for your help.

Q-115A) I have a Japanese Tea Set (tea pot with 6 cups) that has double-wall with heart cut outs. Its sage green with gold accents. It sounds similar to question A115.. What is this worth?
(Picture available upon request)

A-115) Response
With reference to your question #115 asking about Japanese double-walled Soma ware teapots. I have recently seen such a teapot at: J. Togure Mercantile Co., 851 W. Belmont Ave., Chicago, IL 60657, 773-929-3500.
About ten years ago I purchased several musg in this same style. I want more, but am told that they are no longer being imported because of the cost. Considering that I paid about $25 each, I can understand this. Yet, I still want to find some. However, the last time I was in the store, I saw that they still had one teapot in stock. As I recall, the price was about $125.

Q116) I recently received this teapot from my husband's deceased grandparent's estate. The original tag is still strung to the handle. It states that it is a Genuine Gibson English Teapot from Burslem, Staffordshire England. The teapot is brown with black (leopard like) spots with a gold spout and handle. It has gold around the rim and a gold handle on the top of the lid. There is a gold design (wispy flowers with stem) on both sides of the teapot. On the bottom of the teapot is S439 with an H underneath in gold letters; and the words GIBSONS ENGLAND stamped in dark brown letters. I do know that the teapot was received by our grandparent's on Oct. 5, 1960, as a gift. If you have any info. about this teapot, such as how old this piece may be and/or its value, it would be greatly appreciated

A116) Your leopard spotted teapot was made between 1920 and 1949. Anything manufactured after this had very little gold trim and certainly not a gold handle. It was made in staffordshire, england, and the p on the bottom is the initial of the person who painted it and the number above it is the serial number. If the gold initial is handpainted it is another sure sign that this pot was made in hte 1920's. IF it is in good shape it should be worth at least $70.00.

Q137) Please help. Looking for Swan Brand teapots. Made of some sort of metal (aluminum?). Searched all over with no luck
A137) the person looking for swan brand teapots ought to check ebay, I've



Q162) Does anyone know if Kamenstein makes a pink pig tea kettle? Does anyone know their website? Does anyone have any information on pink pig tea kettles?

A162) That is a discontinued style made by Kamenstein several years ago. Two years ago they redid several of their old animal shaped teapots but they did not include the pig one...the ones currently sold by Kamenstein are the cow (which has been around for at least 5 years, a dog, a cat. a ladybug, a rooster and a fish shaped teakettle.All of the manufacturers introduce their new stlyes at the Houseware Show in Chicago ...which will be in March this year....if the pig is available again it will become available at this time, but if it is not reintroduced at this time it will only be available on the secondary market...e-bay or second hand shops or flea markets.
Hope this information is helpful to you.




Q166) I have a teapot, creamer and sugar and one plate, I would like to find the rest of this set, but all I know is the bottom of it says Fine Porcelain made in Poland on it along with Crystal Clear could you tell me where I might be able to find this pattern, and is the pattern itself called Crystal Clear? Thank you for your time
(Picture available upon request)

A166) I have a set of porcelain/china that too was made in poland. If you send me a photo, I could give you the information that I have been able to find out myself. I think that there were 2 major companies that produced
porcelain/china. The companies were Warvel & Walbrzych (-sherat). The 2 companies are somehow linked, and I believe may be the same company at one time.
(and afte sending the photo we received this commment).
I would very definately think that this is a warvel or walbrzych. It looks so similar to my set, the only difference being the rose pattern. You maywant to check out They have a lot of patterns listed for these manufacturers


215Q) I'm looking for information about a small teapot, marked Gibsons Staffordshire England with a crown above it, written in gold A657 I. It is light brownish, golden spout and handel golden lines in a maze pattern and white, golden outlined flowers and leaves. I think it is made after 1950 (I found a website with gibson marks) but that is all I know. Thanks for your help

215A) If your pot has gold handle and spout it is pre-1950. Anything after that has little or no gold and if it has initial of painter on bottom in gold and the number handpainted in gold it is probably from 1920's - 30's. should be worth from 75 to 100 if in good shape. no chips or cracks, crazing is ok.


248Q) Has anyone come across a Cinderella Tea Pot. The tea pot is the pumpkin coach, her two wicked stepsisters are on one side. Cinderella and her Prince are on the other trying on the plass slipper. The slipper forms the handle of the lid. It is wine coloured. It was made around 1950???? as that was the year my parents married and it was a gift.. I am unable to read the marking on the bottom. I have just received from my mother and would like to know more about it, such as the maker and approximate value.

248A) Regarding question 248.I have a teapot in my possession exactly as described right down to the gold slipper on the lid! My cinderella coach is cream with gold embelishments and not wine colour. The markings on the bottom are; the following words form a circle thus,
Ellgreave Pottery Co Ltd England. and within the circle is another word, Burslem. Below this are the following words;
Registered Design
No 860954
The first number is blurred and might not be an eight ?
Also in the top left corner is the number 1800 or 1860 ??
Sorry but I neither know the date of origin or the value, but you can find a little more regarding the company on the internet.Hope this info is of use..

248AA) Look at Click on pottery in top menu, then 'potters by name' on left side menu, then potters by alphabetic list, select 'E', Ellgreave of Burslem start date 1921 (1925?) start date no finish date.


261Q) I have been given a set with tea pot sugar/creamer and 4 cups and saucers light blue in color with a grey dragon on them . If you hold the cups up to the light a geshia girl will show up on the bottom of the cups. i am looking for imformation on this set also there is a mark of a red bunny on the bottom of the set no words or other manufacters mark i know of thanks for any help

261A) It sounds like you have Dragonware See this site



264)Q Hello, I am trying to find out more information about a Quadruple Plate tea pot made by Homan Silver Plate Company. It looks really old and it is in really poor condition but it is very decorative and I would love to find out more about it. It has an anchor and rope inside a circle and the numbers 2170. It also has the words Special Metal around a pick and bucket with the number 5 below it. Any help with the company or age of the piece would be appreciated. Thanks in advance

264A) This is information in response to question 264 regarding a quadruple plate tea pot made by Homan Silver Plate Co. I too have a tea set with the same trade mark, only my set if by Homan Mfg. Co. In doing some research, I found out that Homan Silver Plate Co. was listed under that name in 1896. Then between 1904 and 1915, they became the Homan Mfg. Co. They were out of business by 1941. The business was originally started in 1847 by Henry Homan and Asa F. Flagg who formed a partnership in Cincinnati, Ohio. This information can be found in The Encyclopedia of American Silver Manufacturers, 4th ed., Schiffer 98 by Dorothy T.Rainwater and Judy Redfield.


291Q) have been desperately trying to find a Royal Doulton Moss Rose teapot for my mother to complete her set. Unfortunately it seems to be impossible. I ws hoping you may have one in your collection or know of someone that does. Any help or advice would be much appreciated.

Q291A) moss rose teapot.....these can be purchased on ebay at regular intervals for varying prices.........its a waiting game but they do come up. I recently got one on ebay from the US however the UK is your best market if you can afford Royal Mail. I also suggest you go to so you can work out what style of moss rose you are collecting montrose or hampton newer. I think finding a montrose teapot will not be difficult. If not will find your piece but it has a tendency to be more expensive than ebay - however it has a wide range and you can buy your mom pieces for her collection from there for many years to come. Best wishes.





299Q) I am looking for some pieces of china to go with a set my grandmother gave me. The stamp on the back says Thames and underneath the stamp it says Made In Japan. I think the pattern is called Moss Rose. I have seen several pieces that look like the same pattern but none have that stamp on the back. Anyone know where I might find some? Thanks so much.

299A) In response to question or posting # 299 I just got some Thames China "Moss Rose" plates. That I would like to sell. They have the Thames stamp on the back. I also have several other pieces of a VERY close design from another manufactorer. Please feel free to cotnact me


300Q) I have just purchased a Pussy Foot tea pot that is marked J H Wood England Pussy Foot on the bottom. It is a siamese cat with blue eyes and a blue bow tie. The tail is a handle and the spout is made up of both front legs and paws together. It is approximately 10" tall. What can you tell me about it? Is it new, old, what is it worth, etc.? Thanks!
300b) i have a pussyfoot teapot, yeiiow in colour and with the number 474289 and regd. design number 722779 , blue ribbon on neck and paws forming spout as the other one

300A)Hello from Dublin, I have a Pussyfoot teapot (all black, blue bow at neck) and some years ago wrote to the pottery to find out more about it. I got a response (don't have with me , as am in work) but apparently there was a fire which damaged moulds so some designs are not available any more. Dates back to the 1930s, I think, but if anybody needs more info. Let me know and I'll dig out the reply I got!



310Q) I have some tea porcelain from Walbrzych - Poland with the mark with a C and a T and between tthem a kind o bird and the name Tiel8ch after the name of the city, who can be the manufatured, is it hand painted, what year. Thera are 16 pieces, how mutch can it cost?
Iám from Brazil, and nobody can give me the answers

310A) Replacements, Ltd. lists the manufacturer of your pattern as Warvel. However, this is an error on their part. The company's name is actually Wawel. It is based in Walbrzych, Poland and began manufacturing porcelain in 1831. They began using the back stamp W-Wawel in 1953. Wawel continues to make porcelain today. If you would like more information, you can visit their website at:
To see pictures of their current patterns to see if they still make one similar to yours, you can click on Offer.
Good luck in your search!
P.S. Many of the Wawel patterns were also manufactured under the name - Walbrzych. At this time, I do not have a full story on what this means, but you can go to Replacements and look under Walbrzych to see if they made your pattern under this name also.



Q312) Hello! I have a teapot given to me by my mother that was a wedding gift to her in 1958. It is mostly silver with ivory plumes, flowers, and maybe something representing mountains decorating it. The lid is silver with ivory wheat-like designs. The bottom is impressed with large capital letters GIBSONS ENGLAND, and contains silver-painted inscription: W 204 and (directly underneath) 51. I have found several similar entries on message boards regarding Gibson teapots, but no responses, and am trying to find information on this pot and it's value. Is it lustreware? Was it really made in England, or is it part of the Gibson product line that was farmed out to other manufacturers in the 50s and 60s? What do the numbers mean? Any information you can lend is appreciated! Thanks!

A312) Hi In response to your question regarding your Gibson Teapot. Gibson has been in production from the end of the 1875 - 1970 (Although it was sold a few times along the way. Most Gibsons tea sets have the Name and England impressed on the bottom. To date the piece depends on the type of transfer mark on the bottom. Gibsons made earthenware pots. Price varies on the quality,age and whether you have a set. You can pick up a pot from $10 to $100 US (if you buy from around the world.)Gibsons are well known for their metalic finishes. I have included the 3 best links for information on Gibsons and Sons and their marks. I have also included a link to website selling a Georgia tea set for you to compare prices.

I hope you find this interesting as Gibsons & Sons make truly beautiful
tea sets that pour perfectly, a real pleasure to own.


Q317 and Q325)
317) I have two teapots-they are both black with gold trim and beautiful hand painted flowers. On the bottom of one is S.J.B. made in England and a number like a serial number 202158 ?????. The other has John Sadler Central, PY, Burslem England No. 147 and on the side of the print F. & V.I.I would appreciate any information. Thank you.
325) I have a dark brown teapot which has a kind of lacey pattern background with painted pink and light yellow flowers. On the bottom there is a rectangle box with No202154 and under that S.J.B. and under that Made In England. These numbers are so close. This was my great or 2 great grandmothers teapot. The story being she bought it in England on her way to America in mid 1800s.I would like to know if this number would provide a date the teapot was made.Thank you.

A317 and A325) RE: Questions #317 and #325 from your customers and/or others:
The teapots these two people have written about are made by Samuel Johns Ltd, earthenware manufacturer at Burslem, England. The company was in business 1887-1931. Further information may be obtained by visiting the following website:

319Q) I broke my creamer cup belonging to a Soma China Tea Set that was bought in Japan. It is brown on the bottom and green crackle on the top with a picture of a horse painted on the top front and 3 up side down hearts cut in the bottom. Appears to be a cup within a cup. Can you advise where I might purchase such a piece.

319A) Regarding the crackled green tea set mentioned in question 319...pieces are often auctioned on ebay-from teapots to complete sets. It is known as "Obori Soma Ware", "Soma Ware" or "Somayaki" and is from the Tohoku region of Japan. Good Luck!

319AA) It asian 1900 - now it is called Somayaki Soma Ware gold horse and trim .cups creamer and suger set . I only have 2 cups and the creamer and sugar bowls. but if you look this up alot of people are looking to buy these

336Q) Hello....... I have a small aluminium teapot.... sona ware item# J106A with words THE ALUMINIUM WORKS STRATFORD -ON-AVON ENGLAND.... made by N.C.J.Ltd AT .... ingraved on the botttom... any info. would be apprecitated..... thank you....

336A) Sona Chrome Stratford on Avon England Teapot. J31 Made by NCJ ltd at Sona Chrome the Aluminum Works is on the bottom of this teapot - for more.- see one for sale at:.,sona-chrome-stratforl,386261.html

345Q1) I have had a teapot given to me by my nan. The teapot is a white cat with little black cats all over it. There is a red bow around the neck of the
cat which is part of the lid. The handle is a black tail. The details underneath the teapot read : Wood & Sons, Burslem. Patent No 17359/26.
'pussyfoot' No 474286. Design No 722772. Could you please give me any information of how old and approximate value.
345Q2) We have recently been given a teapot by our Nan. I wonder if you have any information on this please.
Picture available on request. (note: it is a cat teapot, on botton it syas WOOD and SONS, BUKSLEM ENGLAND "PUSSYFOOT" Patent# 17359/26
(Picture available upon request)


357Q) I too, am searching for a "rocket kettle" made by Kamenstein. It seems tobe discontinued, and I haven't seen one on eBay yet, though I've just
started looking. Any help appreciated. Thanks

357A) This client found their teapot on ebay


<345A1)Hello from Dublin, I have a Pussyfoot teapot (all black, blue bow at neck) and some years ago wrote to the pottery to find out more about it. I got a response (don't have with me , as am in work) but apparently there was a fire which damaged moulds so some designs are not available any more. Dates back to the 1930s, I think, but if anybody needs more info. Let me know and I'll dig out the reply I got!

376Q) I am looking for a stainless steel teapot that looks like a globe with two spaceships that spin around when the water boils. It was featured on Good Eats TV show. It is silver and brass. Very sci-fi looking. HELP.

<376a) I am looking for the same steam driven tea kettle(w/ rotating spaceships) as Question # 376. Do you know where I can get one and what is the best source for other steam driven tea kettles. Thanks

376A) Re question #376 rocket tea kettle featured on "Good Eats" Kammenstein stopped production on that tea kettle a while back but, due to the interest generated by "Good Eats", they are resuming production. According to Barclay's Coffee, the kettle will be back out sometime this summer. (2005)

426 and 434 Q) I have 8 cups, a creamer and a sugar bowl that are crackled green on top and the bottom is brown and green swirls. It is a cup within a cup so that you can hold them without the outer side being hot. They have cut out hearts on them trimmed in god. In the middle is a gold seal which looks like a horse or a unicorn. Can you tell me anything about this set?

426 and 434A) The pieces mentioned in these questions are known as soma ware or somayaki. The items are highly collectible and pieces can be found on ebay and occasionally on antique web sites. By entering "soma ware" or somayaki in your browser, you can pull up a bit of history - but there's not a whole lot out there. Good luck!

426 and 434AA)It asian 1900 - now it is called Somayaki Soma Ware gold horse and trim .cups creamer and suger set . I only have 2 cups and the creamer and sugar bowls. but if you look this up alot of people are looking to buy these

434AAA)If this piece has cut out hearts and a gold horse on the side or on the inside bottom of the cup, I believe it is Somayaki or Soma ware from Japan. Ebay has several items at this time and you can get a much better picture of what the pieces look like.

515Q)Hi! I am having a very hard time finding any information on my teapot. It has printed on the bottom "ellgreave burslem england" and in gold writting "1783 B". The pot is A light rose color with gold trim. Any information on it would be greatly appreciated!
(answer at 518B)

518Q) while clearing our fathers home we have come across a milk jugs and sugar bowl made by gibsons staffordshire england it also has a crown print on the base above the name...... it has a large pink flower on and yellow n blue 1s with a gold trimmin and a royal blue pattern along the top with what looks like a 3 leave clover on in gold we only hane these 2 pieces and wondered if they are of any value any info will be gratefully recieved

518A) Hi , In response to question no's 515 (Ellgreave) is listed under Wood & Son on
In response to 518 (Gibson) for an idea of the age of it I found this while searching for my own Gibson Tea pot. It is definitely of value but how much is the question.
For others with Japanese markings try which is very helpful.
P.S. Every week now I go to ebay as they change all the time. I am now going to go to a local dealer to see what they say.
I am reluctant to pay for a valuation as it might be dearer than the teapot is worth!
Good luck with the search,














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