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Ask the Artist

Why Commission a portrait?

Through the ages the portrait has been an art form
that endures and fascinates.

From kings and queens and presidents to
children and parents, people have commissioned artists to
capture an image on paper or canvas, to immortalize them.

Unlike photography, which objectively captures a moment
on film, a portrait is more intimate. The person being drawn
or painted is filtered through the eyes of the artist.

The artist seeks to capture the soul of a person--their
essence--through the use of line, shading, and composition.

Are portraits expensive?  
For centuries art was accessible to the people.
Artists were craftsmen, producing work
at affordable prices.

Working in this tradition, Nancy Bonta Voitko
creates portraits to last for generations.

From as little as $200 for a charcoal drawing,
or $750 for an oil painting
(all prices exclude matting and framing).

Nancy would be happy to discuss her private commission
arrangement with you for your special project.

Please feel free to contact her regarding
current commission schedule.

 Does a subject have to sit a long time?
It is necessary to discuss the type of portrait desired
and the person who is to be portrayed, but by taking
advantage of technology and working from dozens
of photographs and/or video, sitting time can be
kept to a minimum.

How long does it take to complete a portrait?

The time required depends on the portrait size
and the schedule of the artist.
Expect 3-6 weeks for a drawing
and 2-6 months for a painting.

Please feel free to contact Nancy to discuss
your particular situation.