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101   Fun Belt: Red/Green/Black with verticle stripes

102   Fun Belt: Red/Green/Black/Blue with star design

103   Fun Belt: Red/Green/Red horizontal design

104   Fun Belt: Green/Dark Red, green horizontal design

105   Fun Belt: Green/Black/Red vertical design

106   Fun Belt: Blue/Red/Yellow boxes- red/blue back

107   Fun Belt: Red Edges with Blue/Green stripes

W201   Sports Belt: Red

W202   Sports Belt: Maroon (note-picture color not acurate)

W203   Sports Belt: Buff

W204   Sports Belt: Khaki

W205   Sports Belt: Grey

W206   Sports Belt: Black

W207   Sports Belt: Brown

W208   Sports Belt: White

C301   Camouflage Belt: Light brown/Brown

C302   Camouflage Belt: Dark Green/Brown

C303   Camouflage Belt: Grey/Green/Brown


Total Merchandise: (Prior to Discounts) $
Discount if over 8 belts are ordered (prior to 12/31/01) (number of belts x $1.00) $ (-       .    ) 
Total Merchandise: (After discounts)  $
Shipping and Handling: $0.75 per belt (number of belts x 0.75) $
Subtotal:  $
Sales Tax:                (NYS residents please add 8.5 percent sales tax)  $
Total  $

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Name: Name:
Address: Address:
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