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Hi Everyone. Ed Wolkis, just finished his book.
Its now available for the public. The book is entitled

"How to take Photos that Move Houses"
You can get directly to the book website by clicking here,

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To see more of Ed's work -> Photography

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Unique and Unusual Collectors Teapots

NFL Jewelry
14K Gold items for every team

Fireman's Jewelry
from a Fireman's perspective

14K Gold Charms
for sports, teddy bears, and babies

Add-a-Cube 14K Gold Letters
spell out your love!

Birthstone Jewelry
A special month, a special piece of Jewelry!

Fun Belts!
A collection of Web Belts you can wear!

Retirement Community in South Florida

Teddy Bears
Unique Hand Made Teddy Bears

The Best in Commercial Photography

Wizard Automotive
Live in Georgia - need a great mechanic?

How about a great portrait, at a reasonable price.

The Power of The Internet
Lets find out your opinions on current topics of interest!

Humorous Commercial Cartoon Illustrations
Former art director, produces funny drawings for your business

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Chinese Herbal Remedies (no longer in business)